What are glasses called in the military?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

Glasses in the military are commonly referred to as GI glasses. The term “GI” stands for “Government Issue,” indicating that these glasses are issued by the American military to its service members. These glasses are specifically designed to meet the vision needs of military personnel.

One of the most common dysphemisms used for GI glasses is “birth control glasses” (BCGs). This term is often used humorously to poke fun at the unattractive or outdated appearance of these glasses. It’s worth noting that the term “birth control glasses” is not an official military designation but rather a colloquial term used among service members.

In the past, GI glasses were officially designated as regulation prescription glasses (RPGs). This term was used to emphasize that these glasses met the military’s regulations and were prescribed based on the individual’s vision needs. However, the term RPG is not as commonly used as GI glasses or BCGs.

When it comes to describing the appearance of GI glasses, it’s important to note that they have evolved over the years. Initially, these glasses were often characterized by thick, black frames and a boxy shape. They were designed to be durable and practical, rather than stylish or fashionable.

However, in recent years, there have been efforts to modernize the design of GI glasses. The military has introduced new frames that are more aesthetically appealing and in line with current eyewear trends. These updated designs aim to provide service members with glasses that not only meet their vision needs but also boost their confidence and comfort.

Personal experiences with GI glasses can vary among military personnel. Some individuals may find them to be perfectly functional and have no issues with their appearance. Others may feel self-conscious or dislike the style of these glasses. It’s important to remember that personal preferences and opinions on eyewear can differ greatly.

Glasses in the military are commonly referred to as GI glasses. Dysphemisms like “birth control glasses” are often used to describe them humorously. The official military designation for these glasses is regulation prescription glasses (RPGs), although this term is not as commonly used. The appearance of GI glasses has evolved over the years, with efforts being made to provide more modern and appealing designs. Personal experiences with GI glasses can vary, and opinions on their style and functionality differ among military personnel.