What are doughnuts called in England?

Answered by Michael Wilson

In my experience living in England, I’ve noticed that the dessert commonly referred to as a doughnut in the United States is typically called a “donut” here. It’s interesting to see how the spelling of certain words can vary between different English-speaking countries. While the UK spelling of many words often includes an extra “u,” such as in colour, flavour, and honour, the Americanized versions tend to drop that additional letter.

When it comes to the specific term for this delicious treat, the spelling “doughnut” is considered the UK spelling, while “donut” is more commonly used in the United States. Both spellings are widely understood and accepted, but the latter has become more popular in recent years, especially due to the influence of American brands like Dunkin’ Donuts.

It’s worth noting that the difference in spelling is not unique to the word “doughnut.” There are several other words where the same pattern applies, with the UK spelling including the extra “u” and the Americanized version dropping it. This linguistic distinction can sometimes lead to confusion or humorous exchanges between people from different English-speaking countries.

While the dessert we often refer to as a doughnut in the United States is known as a “donut” in England, both spellings are generally accepted. It’s fascinating to observe how language evolves and adapts across different regions, and the spelling variations are just one example of this ongoing process.