Is HBO Max still free with Amazon Prime?

Answered by Tom Adger

Unfortunately, as of September 15, 2021, HBO is no longer available for streaming through Amazon Prime Video. This means that the previous arrangement where you could access HBO content through your Prime Video Channels subscription has been discontinued. It’s important to note that this change only affects the availability of HBO through Amazon Prime Video and does not impact HBO Max, which is a separate streaming service.

Previously, HBO was included as a channel option within Amazon Prime Video Channels, allowing Prime members to subscribe to HBO and access its content through the Prime Video app. However, HBO Max is a standalone streaming service that offers a broader range of content beyond what is available on HBO alone.

If you are interested in continuing to watch HBO content, you will need to subscribe to HBO Max separately. HBO Max offers a vast library of content, including all the shows and movies available on HBO, as well as additional exclusive content and a wider selection of titles from other networks and production studios. To access HBO Max, you can sign up directly through the HBO Max website or through various streaming platforms and devices.

While HBO Max is not included for free with an Amazon Prime membership, there are sometimes promotional offers or bundled packages that may provide discounted access to HBO Max. It’s always worth checking for any available deals or promotions to make the most of your streaming budget.

It’s important to stay informed about the latest changes and updates in the streaming landscape, as streaming services often evolve and adapt their offerings. Keeping an eye on news and official announcements can help you make informed decisions about your streaming subscriptions.

HBO is no longer available through Amazon Prime Video, and if you wish to continue accessing HBO content, you will need to subscribe to HBO Max separately. While HBO Max is not currently free with Amazon Prime, there may be promotional offers or bundled packages that provide discounted access. Stay informed about the latest updates and consider your streaming preferences and budget when making decisions about your subscriptions.