What are blackbirds attracted to?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

Blackbirds are attracted to a variety of foods that you can easily provide in your garden. One option is mealworms, which are a favorite among blackbirds. These small, worm-like creatures can be purchased at pet stores or online and are a great source of protein for the birds.

Flaked maize is another food that blackbirds find irresistible. Maize, or corn, can be found in flake form at bird supply stores and is a popular choice for attracting blackbirds. You can scatter the flakes on the ground or on a feeding tray to entice the birds to visit.

Uncooked oats are also a hit with blackbirds. You can sprinkle these oats on the ground or mix them with other bird food to create a custom blend. Oats are a good source of energy for blackbirds, especially during colder months.

Fat balls and other fat-based food bars are another option for attracting blackbirds. These can be purchased or made at home using ingredients like suet, seeds, and dried fruit. Just make sure to remove any nylon netting before offering them to the birds, as it can be harmful if they get tangled in it.

Waxworms are a tasty treat for blackbirds and can be purchased from pet stores or online. These soft-bodied larvae are high in fat and protein, making them a nutritious snack for the birds. You can place them in a dish or sprinkle them on the ground to attract blackbirds.

In some cases, dog food can also be a suitable substitute for mealworms. If you have dog food on hand, you can offer it to blackbirds as an alternative food source. Just make sure it is a high-quality brand and does not contain any harmful ingredients.

Blackbirds can be attracted to a variety of foods including mealworms, flaked maize, uncooked oats, fat balls, waxworms, and even dog food. By providing these food options in your garden, you can create a welcoming environment for blackbirds and enjoy their presence.