What are 3 facts about Johnny Appleseed?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

1. Johnny Appleseed’s real name was John Chapman. While he is commonly known as Johnny Appleseed, his birth name was actually John Chapman. He was born on September 26, 1774, in Leominster, Massachusetts.

2. Johnny Appleseed was a nurseryman and orchardist. Contrary to popular belief, he didn’t just randomly plant trees wherever he went. He was actually a skilled nurseryman and orchardist, who carefully cultivated apple nurseries and planted orchards across the frontier.

3. He didn’t plant apples for eating. The apples that Johnny Appleseed planted were not the typical juicy, edible apples we enjoy today. Instead, he primarily planted apple trees that produced sour apples, which were used for making hard cider. Hard cider was a popular beverage during that time, and the apples he planted were mainly used for this purpose.

4. He didn’t wear a tin pot on his head. Another popular misconception is that Johnny Appleseed wore a tin pot on his head. However, historical accounts suggest that he actually wore a tin or metal cooking pot on his head as a makeshift hat only on rare occasions. It is believed that he used the pot both for cooking and as a form of head protection.

5. Johnny Appleseed considered himself a missionary. One lesser-known fact about Johnny Appleseed is that he considered himself a missionary of the Swedenborgian Church. He believed in the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg and saw his work of planting apple trees as a way to spread his religious beliefs and promote a more peaceful coexistence with nature.

6. He loved animals and became a vegetarian later in life. Johnny Appleseed was known for his love of animals and nature. As he grew older, he adopted a vegetarian lifestyle, refusing to eat meat or harm any living creatures. He also showed kindness to animals and was said to have fed and cared for injured or orphaned animals during his travels.

7. He was very wealthy when he died. Despite his humble appearance and simple lifestyle, Johnny Appleseed was actually quite successful in his business ventures. He acquired a significant amount of land and owned multiple nurseries and orchards. When he passed away in 1845, his estate was valued at over $1,200, which was a considerable sum at the time.

8. Johnny Appleseed was a wanderer. He was known for constantly traveling and planting apple trees across the American frontier. He would often walk barefoot, carrying a bag of apple seeds with him. He would then find suitable spots to plant the seeds, often near rivers or streams, to ensure the trees had access to water.

9. He had a unique planting technique. Johnny Appleseed had a specific planting technique that involved scattering apple seeds rather than planting them in rows. He believed that this method allowed the trees to grow more naturally and be less susceptible to disease and pests.

10. Johnny Appleseed’s legacy lives on. Today, Johnny Appleseed is remembered as a folk hero and a symbol of American frontier life. His dedication to planting apple trees and his love for nature have made him an enduring figure in American folklore. Numerous statues, monuments, and even a national trail have been dedicated to him, honoring his contributions to American history and culture.