What are 10 words that start with H?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

Here are 10 words that start with the letter H:

1. Habergeons: These are pieces of armor that protect the neck and shoulders. They were commonly worn during medieval times.

2. Habiliment: This word refers to clothing or garments, particularly those that are worn for a specific purpose or occasion.

3. Habilitate: To habilitate means to enable or qualify someone for a particular role or position. It can also mean to rehabilitate or restore someone to a normal or functional state.

4. Habitation: A habitation is a place where someone lives or resides. It can refer to a house, dwelling, or any other type of residence.

5. Habitually: This adverb describes something that is done or practiced regularly, often as a habit or routine.

6. Habituated: When someone is habituated to something, they have become accustomed or familiar with it through repeated exposure or experience.

7. Habituates: This is the present tense form of the verb “habituate.” It means to accustom or familiarize oneself with something.

8. Hacendados: This term refers to wealthy landowners or estate owners, particularly in Spanish-speaking countries.

9. Hackneyed: If something is hackneyed, it is overused, trite, or lacking in originality. It can describe clichéd phrases, ideas, or expressions.

10. Haggard: This word can have multiple meanings, but it commonly refers to someone who appears exhausted, gaunt, or worn out, often due to fatigue, illness, or stress.

I hope you find these words useful and interesting!