What apps are Horimiya on?

Answered by Jason Smith

HoriMiya, an anime adaptation of the popular manga series, is available for streaming on two different platforms in the United States: Funimation and Hulu. These platforms offer viewers the opportunity to enjoy the series in different ways, catering to their preferences and budget.

1. Funimation: Funimation is a streaming service that specializes in anime content. It offers a vast library of anime series, movies, and OVAs for fans to enjoy. One of the great things about Funimation is that it offers a free tier, allowing users to watch anime with limited ads and access to a selection of shows and movies.

HoriMiya is available for streaming on Funimation’s free tier, making it accessible to those who may not want to pay for a subscription. However, it’s worth noting that the free tier may have some limitations, such as a delay in releasing new episodes or restrictions on certain shows. Nonetheless, it’s a fantastic option for anime enthusiasts on a budget.

2. Hulu: Hulu is a popular streaming service that offers a wide range of content, including anime. It provides subscribers with access to a vast library of TV shows, movies, and anime series from various genres. While Hulu does require a subscription, it offers a reasonably priced plan starting at $6.99 per month.

HoriMiya is available for streaming on Hulu, allowing subscribers to enjoy the series without any additional cost beyond their monthly subscription fee. Hulu’s platform offers a user-friendly interface, personalized recommendations, and the ability to watch on multiple devices, making it a convenient option for anime fans.

It’s worth noting that while both Funimation and Hulu offer HoriMiya for streaming, the availability of the series may vary depending on the region. Some countries may have different streaming platforms or licensing agreements, so it’s essential to check the availability in your specific location.

In my personal experience, I have used both Funimation and Hulu to watch anime series, and they have provided me with excellent streaming experiences. Funimation’s free tier allowed me to explore new shows without having to commit to a subscription, while Hulu’s vast library and affordable pricing made it a go-to platform for all my streaming needs.

If you’re in the United States and looking to watch HoriMiya, you have the option to stream it on Funimation’s free tier or Hulu. Funimation offers a free streaming option with limited ads, while Hulu requires a subscription starting at $6.99 per month. Both platforms provide a convenient way to enjoy this popular anime series.