What 4 shows did ABC cancel?

Answered by Michael Wilson

ABC recently made the decision to cancel four shows from their lineup. These shows include Promised Land, Card Sharks, The Ultimate Surfer, and black-ish. As an avid viewer of ABC shows, I was disappointed to hear about these cancellations.

Promised Land was a drama series that had garnered a devoted fanbase. It followed the lives of a family who relocated to a small town to pursue their dreams. The show was known for its compelling storylines and strong performances, so its cancellation came as a surprise to many.

Card Sharks, on the other hand, was a game show that had been on the air for a few seasons. It featured contestants guessing whether the next card drawn would be higher or lower than the previous one. While the show had its loyal viewers, it seems that ABC decided to end its run, possibly due to declining ratings or a desire to make room for new programming.

The Ultimate Surfer was a reality competition series that aimed to find the next great professional surfer. It brought together aspiring surfers from around the world to compete in various challenges and showcase their skills. Unfortunately, the show failed to gain significant traction and was ultimately canceled.

Lastly, black-ish, a critically acclaimed sitcom, came to an end after eight successful seasons. The show tackled important social issues through the lens of an African-American family living in a predominantly white neighborhood. With its clever writing and talented cast, black-ish was a favorite among viewers. Its cancellation marked the end of an era for fans who had come to love and appreciate the show’s unique perspective.

It’s worth noting that ABC also made the decision to move Dancing with the Stars to Disney+ for the upcoming season. This move surprised many fans of the popular dance competition show, as it had been a staple of ABC’s programming for years. It remains to be seen how this change will be received by viewers and whether it will impact the show’s popularity.

ABC’s decision to cancel Promised Land, Card Sharks, The Ultimate Surfer, and black-ish has left fans disappointed. These shows had their own unique appeal and had garnered dedicated followings. While cancellations are not uncommon in the television industry, it is always sad to see beloved shows come to an end. Nonetheless, ABC’s lineup is constantly evolving, and I am hopeful that they will bring forth new and exciting content to captivate audiences in the future.