Deciding on Ulrich’s Fate in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Ulrich is a character in the popular RPG game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. He is a skilled fighter and is equipped with a shield, making him harder to hit with melee attacks. However, he can be defeated with a well-timed strike, and players can use the Headcracker perk to make more out of their blows.

During the game, players will encounter Ulrich in a quest where he is a traitor to his lord, Rapota. If players manage to capture Ulrich, he will surrender and speak to them. It is important to let him yield and speak, as he can become a helpful ally later in the game.

Ulrich’s character is well-developed and adds depth to the game’s storyline. He is not just a simple enemy to defeat, but a complex character with motivations and a backstory. Players can learn more about Ulrich’s past and why he betrayed his lord through dialogue options and exploration.

In terms of gameplay, Ulrich’s fighting style and equipment make him a formidable opponent. Players will need to use their own skills and strategy to defeat him. However, his surrender also presents players with a moral dilemma. They can choose to spare his life or end it quickly, adding another layer of complexity to the game’s decision-making process.

Ulrich is an interesting and well-crafted character in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. His presence adds depth to the game’s story and proides players with a challenging opponent to overcome.

Can You Save Ulrich Kingdom Come?

You can save Ulrich in the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. During the quest “All That Glisters,” Ulrich can be found fighting Runt in a duel. Ulrich is equipped with a shield and is harder to hit with melee attacks than Runt, but he can still be defeated.

To save Ulrich, you must defeat Runt in the duel. If Ulrich is defeated, he will surrender and speak to you. If you spare him, he becomes a helpful ally laer in the quest. You can also choose to kill him, but this will have consequences for the rest of the game.

It is possible to save Ulrich in Kingdom Come: Deliverance by defeating Runt in the duel and sparing Ulrich’s life.

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What Should I Do With Rapota?

Based on the situation presented, there are three options that Henry can consider with regards to Rapota:

1. End his life quickly: Henry can choose to execute Rapota in a swift and painless manner. This option may be seen as a way to show mercy to Rapota, while also ensuring that he is punished for his betrayal.

2. Force him to face the hangman’s noose: Alternatively, Henry may decide to have Rapota publicly executed by hanging. This option may be viewed as a way to send a message to others who may be considering betraying their lord, as well as to uphold the rule of law.

3. Let him go: Henry may choose to pardon Rapota and let him go free. This option may be seen as a way to show compassion and forgiveness, although it may also be viewed as a sign of weakness by others.

Ultimately, the decision on what to do with Rapota will depend on vrious factors, such as the severity of his betrayal, the impact it had on Henry’s rule, and his own personal values and beliefs.

Who Is Henry Kingdom Come?

Henry is the main protagonist of the popular video game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. He is the son of a blacksmith and his story begins with the destruction of his hometown, Skalice, and the killing of his family by an invading army. Throughout the game, Henry is on a mission to fulfill his father’s last wishes and seeks to atone for his failure to protect his loved ones. As a player, you take control of Henry’s actions and decisions as he navigates through a world filled with intrigue, combat, and political turmoil.

What Nationality Is Henry KCD?

Henry, the main protagonist of the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance, is a Bohemian. Bohemia is a historical region in the Czech Republic, which was also known as the Kingdom of Bohemia. Henry’s nationality is explicitly mentioned in various sources related to KCD, including the game’s official website and the character’s bio. In the game, Skalitz is mentioned as Henry’s hometown, which is a small village in Bohemia. Therefore, it can be concluded that Henry’s nationality is Bohemian.


Ulrich is a character in the popular role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. With his shield and Headcracker perk, he is a formidable opponent in melee combat. However, if defeated, he will surrender and become a helpful ally later in the game. It is important to note that players have the option to spare his life, which may have consequences later on in the quest. Ulrich adds depth and complexity to the game’s narrative and offers players a challenging encounter.

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