Introducing the Charming but Short Kris from Deltarune

Kris is a major character in the video game Deltarune. They are a student attending school with their best friend Susie, and are the main protagonist of the game. Kris is a unisex name which could be used for either gender. It is unknown exactly how old Kris is, but based on Toriel’s mention that they will be gong to college like Asriel in the near future, it can be assumed that they are most likely between 15 and 18 years old.

Kris’ height is one of the most interesting things about them. Although their exact height is not revealed in-game, from what we can tell from their interactions with other characters, it appears that Kris is only 4 feet tall. This makes them the same size as Ralsei and Lancer, who are also 4 feet tall. In comparison to other characters such as Susie (who is 5 feet tall) or Toriel (who towers over everyone else at 8 feet tall), Kris stands out as being quite small in comparison.

Overall, while we may never know exactly how tall Kris really is, we can assume that they are somewhere around 4 feet tall based on their interactions with other characters throughout the game. This makes them shorter than most other characters in Deltarune, which adds to Kris’ unique charm and personality.

Height of Ralsei from Deltarune

Ralsei from Deltarune is 4 feet tall, the same height as Kris and Lancer. He has a dark complexion, giving him a distinct appearance.

deltarune kris height

Kris’ Age in Deltarune

Kris’ exact age is unknown, however, based on Toriel’s mention of them attending college like Asriel in the near future we can assume that they are between 15 and 18 years old. This would make them a high school student at the time of Deltarune.

Estimated Height of Jevil

Jevil is approximately 3 feet tall, or 36 inches. He is a short imp-like jester, with a mischievous and playful demeanor. He has a round head and an exaggeratedly long body, with his legs being notably shorter than the rest of his body. His arms are slender and elongated, ending in hands with four fingers each. He wears a colorful jester hat and clothing, topped off with a large bell at the end of the hat’s brim.

Is Kris a Boy or a Girl?

Kris is a unisex name, meaning it can be used for both boys and girls. It is generally seen as a shortened form of Kristopher or Kristina. The name has been popular in various forms since the Middle Ages and has become increasingly popular over time. While there is no definitive answer to whether Kris is a boy or girl, it is most commonly given to male babies in the United States.

Is the ‘F Word’ Present in Deltarune?

No, the F word is not present in Deltarune. In one scene, a character implies the use of the F word by saying “I don’t think I’m allowed to say this one,” however it is censored out as “$!”. While there may be other instances of mild profanity scattered throughout the game, the F word is never explicitly used.

deltarune kris height

Is Kris from Deltarune a Minor?

Kris is not a minor within the context of Deltarune. Although their age is never stated, they are an adult and act as such in the game. It’s possible that they could be a minor in the real world, but this cannot be confirmed given their lack of stated gender or age.

Is Kris Older Than Frisk?

No, Kris is not an older version of Frisk. Kris is a separate character from Frisk and Chara, who both appear to be around the same age. While fanart often portrays Kris as the older sibling of Frisk and Chara, this does not necessarily reflect the official canon of the game. In Undertale, Frisk and Chara do not have an older sibling and Kris does not appear as a relative of either character.

The Species of Spamton

Spamton is a Darkner, a species of creature native to the Cyber World. Darkners are cybernetic creatures, created by blending organic and inorganic materials together. They are usually humanoid in shape, but can vary greatly depending on their specific design. In Cyber City, Spamton appears as a large, robotic figure with cybernetic wings and a red eye in the center of its face.

Is Kris Dreemurr a Male?

Kris Dreemurr is not a male character. They are nonbinary, meaning they do not identify exclusively as either male or female, and are referred to with they/them pronouns throughout the game. Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale, has confirmed that Kris is canonically nonbinary.

deltarune kris height

Comparing the Heights of Spamton and Sans

Yes, Spamton is taller than Sans. According to the creator of the fan-made Undertale character Spamton, he was designed to be canonically taller than Sans. This is likely due to the fact that Spamton is a robot and robots are often depicted as being taller than humans. However, since this is an unofficial character, information regarding exact measurements or heights is not available.

What is Ralsei’s Full Name?

Ralsei’s full name is Ralsei Loviatar, a reference to the Finnish deity of death and suffering of the same name. Ralsei is an anthropomorphic rabbit-like creature who is a major character in the game Deltarune, which was created by Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale. Ralsei is a magical being who has the power to help people, but also has a dark side that he must learn to control. He is very kind and gentle, yet also has a mysterious aura about him.

Height of Roulx

Roulx is approximately 9 feet tall, with a distinctive diamond-shaped head and long white hair. His skin has a deep blue hue, which is also the colour of his royal suit.

The Motivation Behind Kris’ Heart-Rending Actions

Kris rips their heart out as a way to symbolize their loss of control. This is a physical representation of Kris’s decision to devote themselves to their journey and the events that will unfold, regardless of the consequences. This moment also serves as an emotional and symbolic way for Kris to acknowledge their inner strength and courage in tackling whatever lies ahead.

deltarune kris height

Possible Shortened Forms of the Name ‘Kris’

Kris is a short form of many names, both for males and females. For males, it can be short for Kristopher, Kristian, and Kristoffer. For females, it can be short for Kristina, Kristiane, and Krystle.


In conclusion, Kris from the game Deltarune is a high school student and is of average height, being 4 feet tall. While this is the same height as Lancer and Ralsei, they appear different due to Ralsei’s imp-like jester appearance. Kris is also a unisex name, both a given name and a surname.

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