Should I touch my bearded dragon during brumation?

Answered by John Hunt

During brumation, it is generally recommended to limit handling and touching your bearded dragon as much as possible. Brumation is a natural period of hibernation-like behavior that allows bearded dragons to conserve energy and go through a period of rest. Think of it as their way of taking a long nap to recharge their batteries.

When a bearded dragon enters brumation, their metabolism slows down, and they become less active. They may spend most of their time hiding and sleeping, and their appetite will significantly decrease or even disappear altogether. It’s important to respect their need for rest during this time and avoid disturbing them unnecessarily.

The main reason for limiting handling is to avoid stressing your bearded dragon. During brumation, their bodies are going through changes, and any unnecessary stress can negatively impact their health. By minimizing handling, you are allowing them to fully embrace their natural instincts and go through the brumation process undisturbed.

That being said, there may be instances where you need to handle your bearded dragon during brumation, such as for health checks or if you suspect any issues. In such cases, it’s important to handle them gently and with care. Avoid picking them up abruptly and try to keep handling to a minimum.

If you do need to handle your bearded dragon, make sure to provide a warm and comfortable environment during and after handling. Brumating dragons prefer cooler temperatures, so it’s best to handle them in a slightly cooler area of their enclosure. After handling, allow them to return to their hide or basking spot to continue their rest.

It’s important to note that every bearded dragon is unique, and some may have different responses to handling during brumation. Pay close attention to their behavior and body language to gauge their comfort levels. If they show signs of stress or discomfort, it’s best to give them space and limit handling until they fully emerge from brumation.

While it’s generally recommended to limit handling during brumation, there may be instances where it is necessary. Always handle your bearded dragon gently and with care, providing a warm and comfortable environment. Monitor their behavior and adjust your approach accordingly. Your bearded dragon’s well-being and comfort should be the top priority during this resting period.