What grade levels are Math-U-See?

Answered by Cody Janus

The Math-U-See curriculum is a comprehensive K-12 math curriculum that covers all grade levels from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Each level of the curriculum focuses on specific skills and concepts, while also continuously reviewing and integrating topics covered in previous levels.

Starting with the kindergarten level, Math-U-See introduces basic math concepts such as number recognition, counting, and simple addition and subtraction. The curriculum uses a hands-on approach, utilizing manipulatives such as blocks, to help students understand and visualize mathematical concepts.

As students progress through the grade levels, Math-U-See covers a wide range of topics including place value, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percents, algebra, geometry, and more. The curriculum is designed to build upon previously learned skills, ensuring a solid foundation in math for students.

One of the unique features of Math-U-See is its focus on mastery-based learning. This means that students are given ample practice and review opportunities to truly understand and master each concept before moving on to the next. The curriculum includes systematic review of previously learned material to reinforce and maintain skills.

Math-U-See also provides instructional videos for each lesson, taught by the curriculum’s creator, Steve Demme. These videos serve as a helpful resource for both students and parents, providing clear explanations and demonstrations of the math concepts being taught.

In my personal experience, I have found Math-U-See to be an effective and comprehensive math curriculum. The incremental approach to learning and the use of manipulatives have helped my students develop a strong understanding of math concepts. The systematic review and mastery-based approach have also been beneficial in ensuring long-term retention of skills.

Math-U-See covers all grade levels from kindergarten to twelfth grade, providing a complete and comprehensive math curriculum that helps students develop a solid foundation in math skills and concepts.