The Search Bloc: Colombia’s Anti-Drug Task Force

The Search Bloc was a specialized unit of the Colombian National Police that was tasked with capturing the members of the notorious Medellín cartel, including its leader, Pablo Escobar. The unit was formed in 1989 as part of the Colombian government’s effort to end the reign of terror that the cartel had unleashed on the country.

The Search Bloc was headed by Colonel Horacio Carrillo, who was known for his tough, no-nonsense approach to law enforcement. He was determined to bring down Escobar and his associates, and he was willing to use any means necessary to achieve that goal.

The Search Bloc was made up of highly trained officers who were skilled in tactical operations, intelligence gathering, and investigation. They were equipped with the latest technology and weapons, and they were given a mandate to capture or kill the members of the Medellín cartel.

The unit faced many challenges duing its operation, including the fact that Escobar had a large support network in the country, including politicians, law enforcement officials, and ordinary citizens who sympathized with his anti-government rhetoric.

Despite these challenges, the Search Bloc was able to make significant progress in its mission. It captured or killed many of Escobar’s top lieutenants, and it disrupted the cartel’s operations in the country. However, it was ultimately the efforts of a joint task force of Colombian and American law enforcement agencies that led to Escobar’s demise in 1993.

The Search Bloc was disbanded in 1991 as part of a surrender agreement with Escobar, but its legacy lives on. It served as a model for other law enforcement units around the world that are tasked with capturing high-value targets, and it demonstrated the importance of effective intelligence gathering, strong leadership, and a willingness to take risks in the pursuit of justice.

The Search Bloc was a crucial part of the Colombian government’s effort to end the reign of terror that the Medellín cartel had unleashed on the country. It was a highly skilled and dedicated unit that was able to make significant progress in its mission, and its legacy continues to inspire law enforcement agencies around the world.

Does Search Bloc Still Exist?

Search Bloc does not exist anymore. It was disbanded due to the rough play style of its leader, Colonel Hugo Martinez. The Colombian government also struck down extradition in 1991, which led to a decline in the need for Search Bloc’s services. Therefore, the unit was dissolved, and its members were integrated into other law enforcement agencies.

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What Happened To Search Bloc?

After Pablo Escobar surrendered in 1991, the Medellín cartel leader, the Search Bloc was disbanded. As part of the surrender agreement, the leader of the Search Bloc, Colonel Hugo Martínez, was transferred to anothr position. The Search Bloc was a special unit of the Colombian National Police created to track down and capture or kill Escobar, and it was highly effective in carrying out its mission. However, after Escobar’s surrender, the unit was no longer required and was disbanded. The disbandment of the Search Bloc was a significant moment in the history of the Colombian drug trade and the fight against organized crime.

Who Ran The Search Bloc?

The Search Bloc, a special task force created to fight against the drug cartels in Colombia, was headed by Colonel Horacio Carrillo in the Netflix series “Narcos.” However, it’s worth noting that Carrillo is a fictional character, and his portrayal is loosely based on the real-life Colonel Hugo Martinez, who, interestingly enough, is also introduced as a separate character in the show’s second season. Martinez was a key figure in the hunt for Pablo Escobar and was instrumental in the eventual downfall of the Medellin Cartel.

Was There A Real Colonel Carrillo?

There was a real Colonel Carrillo. However, the character portrayed in the Netflix series Narcos, Colonel Horacio Carrillo, is a fictionalized version of the real-life Colonel Hugo Martínez. Martínez was a Colombian police officer who played a key role in the hunt for Pablo Escobar and the Medellín Cartel. While the character of Colonel Carrillo is not a direct representation of any one person, he was inspired by the actions and methods of Martínez and other real-life Colombian law enforcement officials.


The Search Bloc was a specialized unit created by the Colombian government to hunt down and capture the notorious drug lord, Pablo Escobar. Led by Colonel Horacio Carrillo, the unit employed aggressive tactics and played a significant role in the eventual capture of Escobar. However, their methods were controversial, and the Search Bloc was disbanded in 1991 as part of a surrender agreement with Escobar. While the unit was successful in capturing one of the world’s most wanted criminals, their methods raised ethical concerns and highlighted the challenges of combating organized crime in Colombia.

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