The High Cost of Scott’s Death in “Criminal Minds”

Scratch is a notorious serial killer and antagonist on the TV show Criminal Minds. He first appeared in the ninth season of the show and continued to terrorize the team until his eventual demise in season 13. His real name is Peter Lewis, and he is portrayed by actor Bodhi Elfman.

Scratch is a highly intelligent and sadistic killer who enjoys manipulating and tormenting his victims and the BAU team. He has a personal vendetta against the team, particularly against Aaron Hotchner, the former unit chief. Scratch’s ultimate goal is to destroy the team and Hotchner’s life.

Throughout the show, Scratch is shown to be a master manipulator and skilled at psychological warfare. He often uses his victims’ weaknesses and fears against them, causing them to doubt themselves and their abilities. He is also skilled at evading the authorities and leaving behind litle to no evidence at his crime scenes.

One of Scratch’s most notable crimes is the abduction and torture of FBI agent Kate Callahan. He also targeted Hotchner’s family, causing his wife Haley to be killed and his son Jack to be abducted and used as leverage against him.

Scratch’s downfall came when he made the mistake of underestimating the team’s abilities and underestimating the strength of their bond. In season 13, he attempted to manipulate and frame FBI agent Stephen Walker for his crimes, leading to a fatal confrontation between the two.

In the end, Scratch’s death was a victory for the team, but it came at a high cost. Walker sacrificed his life to bring Scratch to justice, and the team was left to mourn his loss.

Scratch was a formidable and terrifying antagonist on Criminal Minds, and his character added a layer of complexity and danger to the show. His manipulative and sadistic nature made him a worthy opponent for the BAU team, and his eventual demise was a satisfying conclusion to his reign of terror.

What Happens To Scratch In Criminal Minds?

In the television show Criminal Minds, Scratch is a recurring antagonist who is eventually caught and dies. In his final appearance, Scratch falls for a trap set by the BAU team, who use a fake online persona to bait him into abducting someone. Scratch takes the bait and comes out of hiding to abduct the person, but is ultimately caught by the team and falls to his death. His last words are a dramatic “NO!” as he meets his end.

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What Did Scratch Do To Emily?

Scratch dosed Prentiss with his gas and made her believe that her legs and arm were broken, leaving her immobilized. He also attempted to make her believe that he had killed her by injecting her with adrenaline to stop her heart. However, he made a mistake in his plan, and Prentiss was able to survive his attack.

What Did Mr. Scratch Make Hotch See?

Mr. Scratch made Hotch hallucinate that Peter was killing Reid, Rossi, and Morgan. He then tried to goad Hotch into shooting the real Reid and Rossi as they attempted to enter the house. The specific details of what Hotch saw during his hallucinations are not provided, but it is clear that Mr. Scratch was attempting to manipulate Hotch’s emotions and actions by showing him violent and disturbing images.

What Episode Do They Catch Scratch In Criminal Minds?

In the television series Criminal Minds, the character named “Scratch” is a notorious serial killer who is pursued by the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) throughout several seasons. The episode in which they ultimately catch Scratch is titled “Annihilator” and it is the ninth episode of Season Twelve. In this episode, the BAU team successfully tracks down and apprehends Scratch, bringing an end to his reign of terror.


Scratch is one of the most memorable and terrifying villains in the history of Criminal Minds. He is a master manipulator who preys on his victims’ weaknesses and fears, and he is relentless in his pursuit of revenge agaist the BAU. His ultimate goal is to destroy Hotch and his team, and he will stop at nothing to achieve it. Scratch’s cunning tactics and sadistic nature make him a formidable foe for the BAU, and his legacy will undoubtedly be remembered for many seasons to come. his character is a testament to the show’s ability to create complex and compelling villains that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

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