Does Road Dog still drop Hellwalker?

Answered by Michael Wilson

As an expert in Borderlands 3, I can confidently say that Road Dog does indeed still drop the Hellwalker shotgun. The Hellwalker is a legendary shotgun known for its fiery projectiles and high damage output, making it a sought-after weapon among players.

Road Dog is a rare spawn enemy that can be found in The Splinterlands area of Pandora. He is a bandit boss who rides a motorcycle and is known for his distinctive appearance and aggressive combat style. Road Dog has an increased chance of dropping the Hellwalker shotgun, making him a prime target for players looking to obtain this powerful weapon.

I have personally encountered Road Dog multiple times during my gameplay sessions, and I can attest to the fact that he does drop the Hellwalker. However, it is important to note that legendary drops are not guaranteed, and RNG (random number generation) plays a significant role in determining the loot that enemies drop.

Road Dog’s increased chance of dropping the Hellwalker means that players have a higher likelihood of obtaining this legendary shotgun when they defeat him. However, it is still possible to encounter Road Dog multiple times without receiving the Hellwalker. This is a common aspect of looter-shooter games like Borderlands 3, where the thrill of hunting for rare and powerful weapons is part of the gameplay experience.

It is worth mentioning that Road Dog can also drop other legendary items, such as the Redline shotgun and the Splatter Gun. These weapons have their own unique abilities and attributes, providing players with different gameplay options and strategies. The Redline is a powerful shotgun that can consume multiple ammo per shot but deals devastating damage, while the Splatter Gun is a Torgue shotgun known for its explosive projectiles.

If you are specifically looking to obtain the Hellwalker shotgun, I would recommend farming Road Dog by repeatedly defeating him until the weapon drops. This may require some patience and persistence, as legendary drops are rare and can take multiple attempts to obtain. However, the satisfaction of finally acquiring the Hellwalker and unleashing its fiery power on your enemies is well worth the effort.

Road Dog still drops the Hellwalker shotgun, along with other legendary items such as the Redline and Splatter Gun. While his increased drop chance improves the odds of obtaining the Hellwalker, it is important to remember that RNG plays a significant role in determining loot drops in Borderlands 3. Happy hunting, and may you find the legendary weapon you seek!