Quint Asper – The Unforgettable Gunsmoke Character

Burt Reynolds portrayed the character of Quint Asper in the popular television series Gunsmoke. He appeared in the show for three seasons before leaving to pursue his career in films. Reynolds had already gained popularity for his roles in other television series such as Hawk and Dan August. However, it was his role in the film Deliverance that brought him immense fame and recognition.

Quint Asper was a blacksmith in the town of Dodge City, where the series is set. He was known for his skills as a blacksmith and was highly respected by the people of the town. Quint was a loyal friend to Matt Dillon, the lead character in the series, and often helped him in his duties as a lawman.

Although Quint was a popular character in the series, his departure was not given much attention. He simply vanished without any explanation in season 10, leaving fans wondering what had happened to him. However, in season 12, Festus, another character in the series, mentioned that their current blacksmith was the best they had since Quint left, thus providing some closure to fans.

The episode “Quint-Cident” was one of the most popular episodes of the series. It was the 33rd episode of season 8 and the 300th overall episode of the show. Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen and written by Kathleen Hite, the episode was first broadcast on CBS-TV on April 27, 1963. It showcased Quint’s skills as a blacksmith and his courage in the face of danger.

Quint Asper was a beloved character in the series Gunsmoke. His skills as a blacksmith and his loyalty to Matt Dillon made him a fan favorite. While his departure from the series was not given much attention, it did not diminish the impact that he had on the show and its viewers.

Why Did Quint Asper Leave Gunsmoke?

Burt Reynolds, who portrayed Quint Asper in Gunsmoke, left the show to concentrate on his film career. He appeaed in the program for three seasons before making the decision to depart. Reynolds’ departure was a significant loss for the series, as he was an integral part of the show’s success. Despite his exit, Gunsmoke continued to air for an additional nine seasons, becoming one of the longest-running Western dramas in television history. Ultimately, Reynolds’ desire to pursue a career in film led to his departure from Gunsmoke, but his time on the show remains a significant part of his legacy in the entertainment industry.

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Did Burt Reynolds Get His Start On Gunsmoke?

Burt Reynolds did get his start on Gunsmoke. He starred in the popular television series from 1962 to 1965, playing the character of Quint Asper. Reynolds’ performance on Gunsmoke helped to launch his career as an actor and led to him being cast in other television series and films. However, it was his breakthrough role as Lewis Medlock in Deliverance (1972) that cemented his status as a leading actor in Hollywood. Throughout his career, Reynolds continued to act in numerous films and television shows, earning critical acclaim and a loyal fan base.

How Did They Write Quint Asper Out Of Gunsmoke?

Quint Asper was written out of Gunsmoke without any mention in season 10. However, in season 12, Festus mentioned that their current blacksmith is the best they’ve had since Quint left, thus averting the lack of explanation. It is unclear why Quint Asper was written out of the show without any explanation in season 10.

What Was Quint’s Last Episode On Gunsmoke?

Quint’s last episode on Gunsmoke was titled “The Busters” and it was the 19th episode of Season 15. The episode was directed by Vincent McEveety and written by Paul Savage. It originally aired on CBS-TV on February 3, 1970. In this episode, Quint becomes involved with a group of young men who are tryng to prove themselves as cowboys, but their reckless behavior leads to danger and trouble. Quint tries to guide them and teach them the ways of responsibility, but ultimately he must make a difficult decision about their future. This episode marks the end of Quint’s long run on the show, as actor Burt Reynolds had decided to leave the series to pursue other opportunities.


Burt Reynolds’ portrayal of Quint Asper in Gunsmoke was a memorable and beloved character. Although Reynolds only apeared in three seasons of the show, his impact was significant. As a blacksmith and trusted friend of Matt Dillon, Quint brought a unique charm and humor to the series. Reynolds’ departure from Gunsmoke allowed him to focus on his film career, where he would go on to achieve even greater success. Despite Quint’s abrupt exit from the show, the writers managed to give him a proper sendoff in later seasons. Today, Quint Asper remains a fan favorite and a testament to Reynolds’ talent as an actor.

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