Is whiskey sour A classy drink?

Answered by Robert Flynn

In my personal experience, I have found that whiskey sour can indeed be a classy drink when made properly. The key is balance. A well-made whiskey sour should have just the right amount of sweetness to complement the whiskey, without overpowering it.

I remember attending a cocktail party where the bartender was an expert at crafting whiskey sours. He carefully measured the ingredients and used fresh lemon juice, which added a tangy brightness to the drink. The result was a perfectly balanced cocktail that allowed the flavors of the whiskey to shine through. Sipping on that whiskey sour felt sophisticated and refined.

On the other hand, I have also encountered poorly made whiskey sours that were overly sweet and lacked complexity. It seemed like the bartender had poured in way too much syrup, drowning out any nuances in the whiskey. These versions of the drink reminded me more of a sugary candy than a sophisticated cocktail.

The association of poorly made whiskey sours with rowdy young drinkers might stem from the fact that excessive sweetness can mask the taste of alcohol. This can make it easier for inexperienced or younger drinkers to consume larger quantities without realizing the strength of the drink. In such cases, the focus is more on the sugary taste rather than appreciating the flavors of the whiskey itself.

A well-made whiskey sour, however, is a different story. It requires attention to detail, precision in measurements, and an understanding of how flavors interact. It takes skill to strike the right balance between sweet and sour, allowing the whiskey to be the star of the show while still providing a delightful drinking experience.

So, while a poorly made whiskey sour may be associated with rowdy young drinkers, a well-crafted version of this classic cocktail can certainly be considered a classy choice. It’s all about finding that perfect balance and allowing the whiskey to shine through, creating a sophisticated and enjoyable drinking experience.