Is voicemail free with Rogers?

Answered by Edward Huber

Voicemail is not free with Rogers. There is a monthly fee of $8.00 to access the Visual Voicemail feature. This feature allows you to have a more convenient and efficient way of managing your voicemail messages.

With Visual Voicemail, you can see a list of your messages on your phone’s screen, similar to how you see a list of emails or text messages. This eliminates the need to listen to prior messages or voice instructions before getting to the ones you want to hear. You can simply choose which messages to listen to or delete, saving you time and effort.

I personally find Visual Voicemail to be a great addition to my phone plan. It makes it much easier to stay organized and quickly respond to important messages. Instead of having to listen to each voicemail in chronological order, I can simply glance at the list and prioritize my responses.

The ability to delete messages directly from the list is also a convenient feature. It allows me to quickly clear out my voicemail box and keep it organized. This is especially helpful when I receive a large number of voicemails and need to make sure I don’t miss any important ones.

In addition to the convenience, Visual Voicemail also provides a more visual and user-friendly interface compared to traditional voicemail systems. The ability to see the caller’s name and number, as well as the date and time of the message, makes it easier to identify and prioritize messages.

To summarize, while voicemail itself may be included in some phone plans, the Visual Voicemail feature offered by Rogers does come with a monthly fee of $8.00. However, the added convenience and efficiency it provides in managing your voicemail messages can be well worth the cost.