Is Toshiba or Vizio better?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

When comparing the Toshiba Fire TV 2019 and the Vizio V Series 2019, there are several factors to consider. In my opinion, the Vizio V Series comes out on top in terms of overall performance.

One area where the Vizio V Series excels is in contrast. It has a higher contrast ratio, which means that blacks will appear deeper and more pronounced, while colors will appear more vibrant. This can greatly enhance the viewing experience, especially when watching movies or playing video games with dark scenes.

Another advantage of the Vizio V Series is its better viewing angles. This is particularly important if you often watch TV with a group of people, as it ensures that everyone can enjoy the same picture quality, regardless of their seating position. On the other hand, the Toshiba Fire TV has more limited viewing angles, which can result in a loss of color accuracy and contrast when viewed from the side.

One area where the Vizio V Series really shines is black uniformity. This refers to how evenly black is displayed across the screen. The Vizio V Series has much better black uniformity than the Toshiba Fire TV, which means that dark scenes will appear more consistent and realistic. This is particularly noticeable when watching movies with lots of dark scenes, as it can prevent any distracting backlight bleed or clouding.

While the Vizio V Series does not have a motion interpolation feature, it does have the ability to remove judder from native 24p sources. This means that movies and other content shot at 24 frames per second will be displayed smoothly and without any stuttering. However, it is worth noting that the Toshiba Fire TV does have a motion interpolation feature, which can be a plus for those who enjoy the soap opera effect or want to reduce motion blur.

In terms of gaming, the Vizio V Series has a significant advantage with its lower input lag. Input lag refers to the delay between when a command is given and when it is displayed on the screen. A lower input lag can provide a more responsive gaming experience, which is crucial for competitive gaming or fast-paced action games. The Toshiba Fire TV, while still suitable for casual gaming, has a higher input lag that may be noticeable to more discerning gamers.

Based on the factors mentioned above, the Vizio V Series 2019 is the better option between the two. Its superior contrast, better viewing angles, and improved black uniformity make for a more immersive viewing experience. Additionally, its ability to remove judder from native 24p sources and lower input lag make it a more versatile choice for both movie enthusiasts and gamers alike.