What is the Pirate island near Africa?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

The Pirate Island near Africa is called Ile Sainte-Marie, and it is located just four miles off the coast of eastern Madagascar. This small island holds a fascinating history, as it was once the off-season home for a notorious group of pirates during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Ile Sainte-Marie, also known as Saint Mary’s Island, was a haven for approximately 1,000 pirates for about 100 years. These pirates were known for their plundering and terrorizing of the seas, making them feared and infamous figures of their time.

The island’s location off the coast of Africa made it an ideal base for pirates to operate from. Its proximity to major trade routes allowed them to easily intercept merchant ships and raid their valuable cargo. The pirates would often wait for the ships to pass by and then launch surprise attacks, taking control of the vessels and looting their treasures.

One of the most well-known pirates who frequented Ile Sainte-Marie was William Kidd, also known as Captain Kidd. Kidd was a Scottish pirate who was active during the late 17th century. He used the island as a hideout and a place to bury his stolen treasure. In fact, there are still rumors and legends of buried pirate treasure on the island, adding to its allure and mystique.

The pirate community on Ile Sainte-Marie was a tightly-knit and organized one. They had their own code of conduct, which governed their behavior and interactions. This code, known as the “Pirate’s Code,” ensured fairness and equality among the pirates, as well as provided guidelines for division of spoils and punishment for any breaches of the code.

Life on the island was not all about piracy, though. The pirates also had their own settlements and infrastructure on the island. They built houses, established taverns and markets, and even had their own currency. The island became a bustling hub for the pirates during the off-season when they would retreat from their seafaring exploits.

Visiting Ile Sainte-Marie today, one can still see remnants of its pirate past. The island has preserved some of the pirate graves, which serve as a reminder of the lives and deaths of these notorious figures. Additionally, there are several pirate-themed attractions and museums on the island, allowing visitors to learn more about this intriguing period in history.

The Pirate Island near Africa is Ile Sainte-Marie, located off the coast of eastern Madagascar. This small island was once home to a thriving pirate community during the 17th and 18th centuries. The pirates used the island as a base to launch their attacks on passing merchant ships and store their stolen treasures. Today, the island stands as a testament to its pirate past, with remnants of pirate graves and attractions that allow visitors to delve into this captivating chapter of history.