Is there English dub on Crunchyroll?

Answered by Cody Janus

There is English dub available on Crunchyroll for some anime shows. While the majority of shows on Crunchyroll are subbed, meaning they have English subtitles, there are a few shows that also offer an English dub option. However, it’s important to note that not all anime on Crunchyroll have a dub, and the availability of English dubs can vary from show to show.

When browsing through the Crunchyroll catalog, you’ll typically find that most shows are subbed only. This means that the dialogue is in the original Japanese language, and English subtitles are provided for viewers to understand the content. This is the traditional format for anime releases, as it allows for the original voice acting performances and cultural nuances to be preserved.

That being said, there are certain anime series on Crunchyroll that have been dubbed in English as well. These shows have undergone the process of re-recording the dialogue with English voice actors, allowing viewers to watch the anime in their native language. The availability of English dubs on Crunchyroll is usually indicated on the show’s main page, where you may see a separate section labeled “English (US)” or “Dubbed.”

It’s worth noting that not all anime shows have an English dub option on Crunchyroll. The decision to produce an English dub depends on various factors such as popularity, licensing agreements, and production costs. Additionally, some anime licensors may have exclusive streaming rights for the English dub on other platforms, which means Crunchyroll may only have the subbed version available.

If you prefer watching anime with English dub, it’s recommended to check the show’s page on Crunchyroll to see if an English dub is available. You can also use the search filters on the platform to specifically look for shows with English dubs.

In my personal experience, I have noticed that the availability of English dubs on Crunchyroll has been increasing over the years. More and more popular anime series are being licensed and dubbed in English to cater to a wider audience. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the majority of anime on Crunchyroll is still subbed.

While Crunchyroll primarily offers subbed anime, there are some shows on the platform that have an English dub option. The availability of English dubs can vary from show to show, and it’s recommended to check the show’s page for more information.