How do you add someone to a Teams meeting that is already scheduled?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

To add an additional person to a scheduled Teams meeting that is already in session, follow these steps:

1. Find the Participant Pane: In the Teams meeting window, look for the top toolbar. On the toolbar, you will see an option for the participant pane. Click on it to open the pane.

2. Open the Participant Pane: Once you click on the participant pane option, a separate pane will appear on the right side of the meeting window. This pane will show a list of all the participants who are currently in the meeting.

3. Locate the “Add someone” option: At the top of the participant pane, you will see an option to add someone. This option might be represented by a button or an icon, such as a person with a plus sign. Click on this option to proceed.

4. Enter the participant’s details: After selecting the “Add someone” option, a dialog box will appear where you can enter the details of the person you want to add. You may need to enter their email address or name, depending on how your Teams settings are configured. Once you’ve entered the necessary information, click “Add” or a similar button to invite the person to the meeting.

5. Notify the participant: After adding the person to the meeting, Teams will send them an invitation or notification to join the meeting. The participant will receive this invitation through their preferred communication method, such as email or a Teams notification.

6. Wait for the participant to join: Once the invitation is sent, the participant will have to accept it and join the meeting. They can do this by clicking on the invitation link or joining directly from their Teams application. As the meeting organizer, you can monitor the participant pane to see when the person joins the meeting.

7. Manage participant permissions: Once the person joins the meeting, you can manage their permissions and access. Teams provides options for participants, such as muting/unmuting their audio, disabling/enabling their video, and granting them presenter or attendee roles. You can adjust these settings based on your meeting requirements.

Adding someone to a Teams meeting that is already scheduled is a straightforward process. By following these steps, you can seamlessly invite additional participants to join an ongoing meeting.