Is the exotic cipher quest repeatable?

Answered by Tom Adger

The exotic cipher quest is repeatable. The exotic cipher is a valuable currency in Destiny 2 that allows you to obtain exotic gear from Xur, the mysterious vendor who appears every weekend. The Xenology quest is a way for you to earn an exotic cipher by completing a series of tasks.

To begin the Xenology quest, you need to visit Xur when he appears in the game world. He can be found in different locations each week, so it’s worth checking online resources or the Destiny 2 community to find out where he is. Once you locate him, simply interact with him to access his inventory and quests.

If you have already completed the Xenology quest and earned an exotic cipher, you will need to turn it in to Xur before you can start the quest again. This means that you won’t be able to hold onto multiple exotic ciphers at once. So, if you want to earn another exotic cipher, you’ll need to turn in your current one first.

To turn in the exotic cipher, simply visit Xur and interact with him to access his inventory. Look for the “Exotic Cipher” option and select it. This will consume the cipher and reward you with an exotic gear item of your choice.

Once you have turned in your exotic cipher, you can then go about earning another one by completing the Xenology quest again. The Xenology quest typically involves a series of tasks, such as completing specific activities, defeating certain enemies, or participating in events. The exact requirements may vary each time the quest is available, so be sure to check the quest details when you pick it up from Xur.

Completing the Xenology quest will reward you with another exotic cipher, allowing you to obtain another exotic gear item from Xur. This makes the quest a valuable opportunity to acquire powerful and unique gear for your character.

The exotic cipher quest is repeatable, but you can only hold one exotic cipher at a time. To earn another exotic cipher, you need to turn in your current one and then complete the Xenology quest again. So, make sure to turn in your cipher to Xur before attempting the quest again.