Is the executioner DLC canon?

Answered by Tom Adger

The question of whether The Executioner DLC in the game The Evil Within is canon is a bit complex. On one hand, the DLC is described as giving players the opportunity to “step into the shoes of The Keeper,” who is the main antagonist in the main game. This suggests that the events depicted in the DLC are part of the game’s overall story and lore.

However, when considering the events and storyline of The Executioner DLC, it does seem to raise some questions and contradictions in terms of the game’s narrative. In the DLC, players take control of The Keeper and traverse through various environments, fighting and killing both Joseph and Sebastian, who are already established as important characters in the main game and are long outside of the STEM system.

From a logical standpoint, it doesn’t make much sense for Joseph and Sebastian to be alive and present in the STEM system again, considering the fact that they had already escaped it in the main game. This raises doubts about the canonicity of The Executioner DLC.

Furthermore, the DLC is presented as a more gameplay-focused experience, focusing on combat and survival rather than furthering the main story. It can be seen as more of a standalone addition rather than an integral part of the game’s narrative, which again casts doubt on its canonicity.

That being said, the concept of canon can be subjective and open to interpretation. Some players may choose to consider The Executioner DLC as canon within the game’s universe, while others may see it as more of a separate gameplay experience that doesn’t necessarily align with the main game’s storyline.

In the end, whether or not The Executioner DLC is considered canon ultimately depends on the individual player’s perspective and interpretation of the game’s lore.