Is Mew rare or Legendary?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

Mew, one of the most iconic Pokémon in the franchise, is considered to be a Mythical Pokémon rather than a Legendary Pokémon. So, is Mew rare or legendary? Let’s delve into the details.

In the Pokémon world, Legendary Pokémon are often depicted as incredibly powerful and unique creatures that play pivotal roles in the game’s storyline. They usually have their own dedicated storylines, events, and locations tied to their discovery or capture. Examples of Legendary Pokémon include Zapdos, Moltres, and Lugia.

On the other hand, Mythical Pokémon, like Mew, are typically even rarer than their Legendary counterparts. They often have unique abilities, special events, and limited distribution. Mythical Pokémon are often associated with promotional events, such as giveaways or exclusive distributions at specific locations.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, Mew is indeed quite rare. In the early Pokémon games, Mew was notoriously difficult to obtain. It was originally only available through special events or giveaways. In Pokémon Red and Blue, for instance, Mew was only officially distributed during specific Nintendo events. Players who missed out on these opportunities would have a hard time adding Mew to their collection.

However, as the franchise evolved, Mew became more accessible. With the introduction of remakes and new games, developers provided various methods for players to obtain Mew. For example, in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, players could obtain Mew through an in-game event called the Old Sea Map.

Mew’s rarity is not only reflected in its availability but also in its significance within the Pokémon lore. Mew is often portrayed as the ancestor of all Pokémon, making it a highly sought-after creature in the Pokémon world. Its unique abilities, such as being able to learn any move, further contribute to its legendary status.

From a personal standpoint, I vividly remember the excitement surrounding the discovery of Mew in the early days of Pokémon. Back then, rumors and myths circulated about secret methods to encounter Mew, fueling the desire to add this elusive Pokémon to our collections. It was truly a memorable and thrilling experience for Pokémon enthusiasts.

While the lines between Legendary and Mythical Pokémon can sometimes blur, Mew is officially categorized as a Mythical Pokémon. It is both rare in terms of availability and holds a special place in the Pokémon lore. Whether you consider Mew to be legendary or not, there is no denying its significance and appeal to fans of the franchise.