Why are some corgis not fluffy?

Answered by Jason Smith

Well, let me tell you about fluffy corgis! So, you know how corgis are already pretty cute with their short legs and adorable faces? Well, some corgis take it to the next level with their fluffy coats. But not all corgis are fluffy, and that’s because of something called genes.

You see, genes are like little instructions that tell our bodies how to grow and develop. In the case of corgis, there are specific genes that determine whether they will have a fluffy coat or not. These genes are passed down from their parents.

Now, in order for a corgi to be fluffy, they need to receive both of their parent’s “fluff genes.” It’s kind of like a double dose of fluffiness. If they only receive one of the two, then they will carry the fluffy gene but never actually develop a fluffy coat. It’s like having the potential for fluffiness, but not quite reaching it.

Think of it this way – imagine you have a recipe for a cake, but you’re missing one key ingredient. You might have all the other ingredients and the potential for a delicious cake, but without that missing ingredient, the cake just won’t turn out the way you want it to. It’s the same with corgis and their fluffiness.

So, when a corgi puppy is born, it’s a bit of a genetic lottery whether they will end up fluffy or not. It all depends on which genes they inherit from their parents. And while fluffy corgis are definitely adorable, non-fluffy corgis are just as lovable and cute in their own way.

I remember when I got my corgi, Charlie. I had my heart set on getting a fluffy corgi because I thought they were the cutest thing ever. But when I went to pick out my puppy, I fell in love with a non-fluffy corgi named Max. He had the most playful personality and the sweetest face. His lack of fluff didn’t matter to me at all because he had so much love to give.

So, the next time you see a corgi that’s not fluffy, remember that they are still just as special and unique as their fluffy counterparts. It’s all about the genes they inherit and the love they have to give. And whether they’re fluffy or not, corgis will always have a special place in our hearts.