Is Mercer evil Skyrim?

Answered by Robert Dupre

Is Mercer Frey Evil in Skyrim?

When it comes to the character of Mercer Frey in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it is safe to say that he is indeed evil. Throughout the Thieves Guild questline, players come to realize the true nature of Mercer as he serves as the main antagonist. His actions, attitude, and manipulation clearly showcase his evil intentions.

1. Betrayal and Deception:
One of the key aspects that highlight Mercer’s evil nature is his betrayal and deception towards the Thieves Guild. He betrays his fellow guild members, including the player character, for personal gain and power. He manipulates others to further his own agenda, showing little regard for the well-being of his comrades.

2. Theft and Greed:
As the leader of the Thieves Guild, Mercer is expected to embody the principles of stealing and thievery. However, he takes it to extreme levels, stealing valuable artifacts and hoarding them for himself. His insatiable greed drives him to commit heinous acts, even at the expense of innocent lives.

3. Murder and Manipulation:
Mercer is not hesitant to resort to violence and murder to achieve his goals. He is responsible for the death of Gallus Desidenius, the former Guildmaster, and frames Karliah for the crime. He also manipulates others, including the player character, to carry out his dark deeds, using them as pawns in his grand scheme.

4. Lack of Empathy and Morality:
Throughout the game, Mercer shows a complete lack of empathy and morality. He is willing to sacrifice anyone, including his own guild members, to achieve his ambitions. His actions are driven solely by personal gain, without any consideration for the consequences or the lives he ruins in the process.

5. Destructive Influence:
Mercer’s actions have a far-reaching impact on the Thieves Guild and the people of Skyrim. Under his leadership, the guild falls into disarray, losing its focus on honorable thievery. He corrupts the very essence of the guild, turning it into a shadow of its former self.

Personal Experience:
As a player of Skyrim, I vividly remember the sense of betrayal and outrage I felt when Mercer’s true nature was revealed. His actions and the consequences they had on the Thieves Guild and its members left a lasting impact on me. It was clear that Mercer’s evil deeds had far-reaching consequences and disrupted the moral fabric of the Skyrim world.

Mercer Frey’s actions and behavior throughout the Thieves Guild questline in Skyrim make it evident that he is an evil character. His betrayal, theft, greed, murder, manipulation, lack of empathy, and destructive influence all contribute to his status as the main antagonist of the game. Players are left with a strong sense of disdain and a desire to bring justice to his villainous actions.