Is Matilda adopted?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

Matilda is effectively adopted by Miss Honey in the story. After the Wormwoods have to flee town due to Mr. Wormwood’s criminal activities, Matilda is left without a stable home. However, Miss Honey, Matilda’s kind-hearted teacher, steps in and offers to take her in.

This act of kindness can be seen as a form of adoption, as Miss Honey becomes Matilda’s legal guardian and takes on the responsibility of caring for her. Matilda, who has always yearned for love and support from her family, finally finds a nurturing and loving environment in Miss Honey’s home.

Throughout the story, it is clear that Miss Honey genuinely cares for Matilda and sees her potential. She recognizes Matilda’s intelligence and encourages her to embrace her unique abilities. This is in stark contrast to Matilda’s own parents, the Wormwoods, who never recognized her genius and neglected her emotional needs.

The adoption of Matilda by Miss Honey represents a turning point in the story. Matilda finally finds a sense of belonging and acceptance in a loving family environment. This new chapter in her life allows her to flourish and continue to develop her extraordinary talents.

Personally, the theme of adoption in “Matilda” resonates with me because I have a close friend who was adopted. Like Matilda, my friend was taken in by a caring and loving individual who saw their potential and provided them with the support and stability they needed. Witnessing my friend’s journey and seeing how adoption can positively impact a child’s life has deepened my understanding and appreciation for stories like “Matilda.”

Matilda is indeed adopted by Miss Honey in the story. This act of adoption provides Matilda with the love, support, and stability she has longed for, allowing her to thrive and reach her full potential.