Is Lion’s Roar good for Keqing?

Answered by Robert Flynn

Based on my experience and knowledge, I can confidently say that Lion’s Roar is indeed a great weapon for Keqing. Its passive skill, Refined 1, provides a significant boost of about 20% to Electro or Pyro damage. This effect pairs perfectly with Keqing’s abilities, especially when combined with the Artifact Thundershooter set.

The Lion’s Roar is a special weapon designed for characters who use Pyro and Electro elements. Keqing, being an Electro character, can benefit greatly from this weapon’s passive skill. With an increased Electro damage, Keqing’s abilities become even more powerful, allowing her to deal massive damage to her enemies.

It’s important to note that the Lion’s Roar is not just limited to its passive skill. The weapon itself has a decent base attack and also provides a useful secondary stat, which further enhances Keqing’s overall damage output.

In my personal experience, I have used Lion’s Roar on Keqing and witnessed the significant difference it made in her damage output. The increased Electro damage allowed her to easily dispatch enemies and clear domains and bosses with relative ease.

Furthermore, when paired with the Artifact Thundershooter set, which focuses on increasing Electro damage, the Lion’s Roar becomes even more effective. This combination creates a synergy that maximizes Keqing’s potential, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.

To sum it up, Lion’s Roar is definitely a good weapon choice for Keqing. Its passive skill boosts Electro damage, which aligns perfectly with Keqing’s abilities. When used in conjunction with the Artifact Thundershooter set, it further enhances her damage output. So, if you have the opportunity to obtain and refine the Lion’s Roar, I highly recommend using it on Keqing for optimal performance.