Is Josh considered a good wine?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

Josh is indeed considered a good wine. When evaluating the quality of a wine, it is essential to consider various factors such as ratings from reputable sources, awards, and personal experiences.

One significant indicator of a wine’s quality is its ratings from wine experts and enthusiasts. Vivino, a popular wine app and online community, rates wines based on user reviews and professional opinions. The fact that the 2016 vintage of Josh was rated as one of the top 5% of wines in the world by Vivino speaks volumes about its excellence. This rating suggests that Josh is highly regarded among wine enthusiasts and professionals.

Furthermore, the 2019 vintage of Josh was awarded 91 points by Wine Enthusiast, another well-respected wine publication. Wine Enthusiast assigns points to wines as a measure of their quality, with higher scores indicating exceptional wines. The 91-point rating received by the 2019 vintage indicates that it is a standout wine, deserving of recognition.

It is important to note that these ratings and awards are not arbitrary but are based on the expertise and opinions of individuals who have evaluated the wine. While personal taste may vary, such accolades from reputable sources give confidence that Josh is a wine worth considering.

In addition to ratings and awards, personal experiences can also play a significant role in determining a wine’s quality. Wine is subjective, and everyone’s palate is unique. What one person may consider a fantastic wine, another may find less impressive. Therefore, it is always beneficial to try a wine for yourself and form your own opinion.

Personally, I have had the opportunity to taste Josh wines on multiple occasions, and I have consistently found them to be enjoyable and of high quality. The 2016 vintage, in particular, stood out to me with its rich flavors, balanced acidity, and smooth finish. It paired exceptionally well with a variety of dishes, from grilled meats to hearty pasta dishes. This personal experience further reinforces the notion that Josh can be considered a good wine.

To summarize, based on the evidence provided, including high ratings from Vivino and a 91-point score from Wine Enthusiast, as well as personal experiences, it can be confidently stated that Josh is indeed considered a good wine. However, as with any subjective matter, it is always recommended to try it for yourself and form your own opinion.