How do I use users in Ubuntu?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

To use users in Ubuntu, you can create user accounts, manage user permissions, and customize user settings. Here are the steps to create a user account on Ubuntu:

1. Open the terminal application: You can open the terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T or by searching for “Terminal” in the applications menu.

2. Log in to the remote box: If you are accessing a remote Ubuntu server, you need to log in using SSH. In the terminal, run the command `ssh user@your-ubuntu-box-ip`, replacing `user` with the username and `your-ubuntu-box-ip` with the IP address of your Ubuntu server.

3. Add a new user in Ubuntu: Once you are logged in, run the command `sudo adduser userNameHere` to create a new user account. Replace `userNameHere` with the desired username for the new user.

4. Enter password and other information: You will be prompted to enter a password for the new user. Make sure to choose a strong password. You can also provide additional information like the user’s full name, phone number, etc. This information is optional.

5. Complete the user creation process: Follow the instructions provided by the command to complete the user creation process. You may be asked to confirm the information entered or set additional settings.

Once the user account is created, you can manage user permissions and customize user settings. Here are some additional tasks you can perform:

– Grant sudo privileges: By default, the first user created during the Ubuntu installation has sudo privileges, which allows them to execute administrative commands. If you want to grant sudo privileges to the newly created user, you can add them to the `sudo` group using the command `sudo usermod -aG sudo userNameHere`.

– Set user passwords: You can change a user’s password by running the command `sudo passwd userNameHere`, replacing `userNameHere` with the username of the user whose password you want to change. You will be prompted to enter a new password.

– Delete user accounts: If you no longer need a user account, you can delete it using the command `sudo deluser userNameHere`, replacing `userNameHere` with the username of the user you want to delete. You may choose to remove the user’s home directory and mail spool by adding the `–remove-home` option.

– Customize user settings: You can customize various user settings like the default shell, home directory, and more. This can be done by modifying the user’s entry in the `/etc/passwd` file or by using the `usermod` command with appropriate options.

These are the basic steps for using users in Ubuntu. By creating and managing user accounts, you can control access to your Ubuntu system and tailor the user experience to meet your needs.