Is it normal for AirPods to get dirty?

Answered by Tom Adger

It is normal for AirPods to get dirty over time. There are several reasons why AirPods can accumulate dirt and grime. One of the main reasons is the presence of wax in our ears. Our ears naturally produce wax to protect the ear canal, and this wax can slowly make its way into the grille of the AirPods. This can leave behind stains and buildup on the device.

Furthermore, the design of AirPods makes them more susceptible to attracting dirt and debris. Since AirPods are small and lightweight, they are often carried in pockets, backpacks, or bags, where they can easily pick up lint, dust, and other particles. When these particles come into contact with the AirPods, they can get trapped in the small crevices and accumulate over time.

Another factor that contributes to the dirtiness of AirPods is our own personal habits and environments. For example, if you frequently use your AirPods while exercising or in dusty environments, they are more likely to get dirty quickly. Additionally, if you tend to sweat a lot or have oily skin, this can further contribute to the buildup of dirt and grime on your AirPods.

It’s also worth mentioning that the color of your AirPods can affect the visibility of dirt. For example, white AirPods may show dirt more prominently compared to other colors. However, this doesn’t mean that other colored AirPods are immune to getting dirty. Regardless of the color, all AirPods are prone to accumulating dirt and grime over time.

To keep your AirPods clean, it’s important to regularly clean them. Apple recommends using a soft, lint-free cloth to gently wipe the exterior surfaces of the AirPods. Avoid using any liquids or cleaning agents as they can damage the device. For the grille, you can use a clean, dry, and soft-bristled brush to remove any debris or wax buildup. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to avoid damaging the grille.

It is normal for AirPods to get dirty due to the accumulation of wax from our ears, as well as picking up lint, dust, and other particles from our surroundings. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the cleanliness and functionality of your AirPods.