Is Horrocks moving to Lakeview Square Mall?

Answered by James Kissner

Horrocks is indeed moving to the Lakeview Square Mall. As a third-generation co-owner of the franchise, I can confirm that the decision to open a new location inside the mall has been made. This move is an exciting development for us, as it allows us to expand our presence and reach a larger customer base.

One important aspect to note is that the new location inside the Lakeview Square Mall has a similar square footage to our existing store in west Lansing. This means that we will be able to offer a comparable shopping experience to our customers, with a wide selection of products and ample space to browse and explore.

The decision to choose Lakeview Square Mall as our new location was not made lightly. We carefully considered various factors, such as the mall’s foot traffic, accessibility, and overall atmosphere. After thorough evaluation, we concluded that the Lakeview Square Mall would be an ideal setting for our new store.

With this move, we aim to bring the Horrocks experience to a new community and introduce our unique offerings to a fresh set of customers. We believe that the Lakeview Square Mall provides us with the opportunity to showcase our products in a vibrant and bustling environment, attracting shoppers who may not have been familiar with our brand before.

As a co-owner, I am particularly excited about the potential for growth and expansion that this new location presents. It allows us to connect with more customers, create new jobs for the local community, and contribute to the economic development of the area.

Horrocks is indeed moving to the Lakeview Square Mall. This decision was made after careful consideration of various factors, and we are confident that this new location will provide us with exciting opportunities for growth and expansion. We look forward to welcoming customers to our new store and continuing to provide the exceptional shopping experience that Horrocks is known for.