Is Grammarly free on Safari?

Answered by Cody Janus

Grammarly is available for free on Safari. Grammarly offers a web-based version that can be accessed through Safari or any other web browser. This means that you can use Grammarly on your Mac without having to download any additional software.

The free version of Grammarly provides basic grammar and spelling checks, as well as limited punctuation and writing style suggestions. It is a great tool for catching simple errors and improving your writing. The free version also includes a plagiarism checker, which can be useful for students and professionals who want to ensure the originality of their work.

However, if you’re looking for more advanced features and in-depth writing suggestions, you may want to consider upgrading to Grammarly Premium. With Grammarly Premium, you get access to advanced grammar and punctuation checks, vocabulary enhancements, genre-specific writing style checks, and a lot more.

Grammarly Premium also offers a more personalized writing experience, allowing you to set writing goals, adjust writing style preferences, and receive more tailored suggestions based on your writing habits. It can be a valuable tool for professionals, writers, and students who want to take their writing to the next level.

While Grammarly is available for free on Safari, the premium version offers a much more comprehensive set of features to enhance your writing. Whether you choose to use the free version or upgrade to Grammarly Premium, it’s a valuable tool for improving your writing skills and ensuring clear, error-free content.