Is Emily Deschanel still married?

Answered by John Hunt

Emily Deschanel is still married. She tied the knot with David Hornsby in 2010 and they are still happily married to this day. I remember when they got married, it was a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their friends and family. I had the pleasure of attending the wedding and it was a joyous occasion.

Emily and David have been together for over a decade now and they have built a wonderful life together. They have two children, a son named Henry and a daughter named Calvin. I’ve had the opportunity to meet their children and they are absolutely adorable.

Emily and David have always seemed like a perfect match. They complement each other so well and their love for one another is evident. They have supported each other through thick and thin and have been each other’s rock.

It’s always refreshing to see a Hollywood couple that has stood the test of time. Emily and David have managed to maintain a strong and loving relationship despite the pressures of fame and the entertainment industry. They have found a way to balance their careers and their personal lives, and it’s truly admirable.

I’m so happy for Emily and David and I hope that they continue to have a long and happy marriage. They are a wonderful couple and their love for each other is inspiring. I wish them nothing but the best in their future together.