Did Rogue and Wolverine date?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

In the original pages of Marvel Comics, Rogue and Wolverine did not have a romantic relationship. In fact, their relationship was quite the opposite – Wolverine genuinely wanted to kill Rogue. Let’s delve into the details of their dynamic in the comics.

Rogue, with her ability to absorb the powers and memories of others through physical contact, was initially introduced as a villain. She was a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and had a contentious relationship with the X-Men, including Wolverine. Wolverine, known for his gruff and aggressive nature, saw Rogue as a threat due to her power to absorb mutant abilities.

Wolverine’s distrust and animosity towards Rogue stemmed from a specific incident in the comics. During the “Mutant Massacre” storyline, Rogue absorbed the powers and memories of Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), leaving her in a comatose state. This act deeply angered Wolverine, as he had a close bond with Ms. Marvel and considered her a friend.

After this event, Wolverine made it clear that he wanted revenge on Rogue for what she had done to Ms. Marvel. He saw her as a dangerous and unpredictable mutant who needed to be stopped. Wolverine’s feelings towards Rogue were visceral and intense, and he often expressed his desire to kill her.

Their tense relationship continued for many years in the comics. Wolverine’s feelings towards Rogue softened slightly after she joined the X-Men and sought redemption for her past actions. However, they never developed a romantic connection or began dating.

It is worth noting that the relationship between Rogue and Wolverine has evolved over time, especially in adaptations outside the original comics. In various animated series, movies, and alternate universes, their dynamic has been explored differently, and they have occasionally portrayed a closer and more friendly relationship. However, in the original Marvel Comics, their relationship was characterized by Wolverine’s desire to kill Rogue rather than any romantic involvement.

Rogue and Wolverine did not date in the original pages of Marvel Comics. Their relationship was marked by Wolverine’s desire to kill Rogue due to her past actions, particularly her absorption of the powers and memories of Ms. Marvel. While their dynamic has been portrayed differently in other adaptations, in the comics, their relationship remained one of animosity and distrust.