Is Elijah Craig bourbon hard to find?

Answered by Robert Dupre

Elijah Craig bourbon is indeed considered to be quite hard to find. While it is not a one-time-only release like some other limited edition bourbons, its availability is still relatively scarce. This is mainly due to its aging process and the careful selection of barrels by the Master Distillers at Heaven Hill distillery.

Elijah Craig 23 Year is a special expression of the brand, aged for an extended period of time. During this aging process, the bourbon develops complex flavors and aromas, becoming a highly sought-after product among whiskey enthusiasts. However, because of the longer aging time required, there are fewer barrels of Elijah Craig 23 Year available compared to their other expressions.

The scarcity of Elijah Craig 23 Year can also be attributed to the fact that it is not produced in large quantities. The Master Distillers at Heaven Hill meticulously sample barrels as they age in the rickhouse, selecting only the finest ones to be bottled as Elijah Craig 23 Year. This careful curation ensures that every bottle meets the high standards set by the distillery.

Furthermore, the popularity of Elijah Craig bourbon has increased in recent years, leading to an even higher demand for their limited edition releases. As whiskey enthusiasts and collectors become aware of the quality and uniqueness of Elijah Craig 23 Year, the bottles tend to sell out quickly once they hit the market.

In my personal experience, I have found it challenging to come across Elijah Craig 23 Year in stores or online. Many retailers receive limited allocations and the bottles are often quickly snatched up by eager buyers. I have encountered situations where I had to visit multiple stores or join waiting lists in order to secure a bottle.

It is worth noting that while Elijah Craig 23 Year may be harder to find, the brand also offers other expressions that are more readily available. These include their Small Batch and Barrel Proof offerings, which can still provide a delightful whiskey experience for those unable to obtain the 23 Year expression.

Elijah Craig 23 Year bourbon is considered hard to find due to its aging process, limited production quantities, and increasing popularity among whiskey enthusiasts. The careful selection of barrels by the Master Distillers at Heaven Hill contributes to its rarity. While it may require some effort and persistence to locate a bottle, the reward is a highly regarded and exceptional bourbon.