Is Cthulhu a leviathan?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

Cthulhu, a prominent figure in H.P. Lovecraft’s mythos, is often associated with the concept of a Leviathan. However, it is important to note that the term “Leviathan” has been used in different contexts and has varying interpretations across different mythologies and works of literature.

In Lovecraft’s writings, the connection between Cthulhu and Leviathan is not explicitly stated, but there are references that suggest a possible association. In the Inuit Cultists’ belief system, Leviathan is described as the son of Cthulhu, which implies a familial relationship between the two entities. However, it is not clear if Leviathan is one of the named sons, such as Cthylla or Ghatanothoa, or if it is a separate entity altogether.

Some scholars and enthusiasts speculate that Leviathan in Lovecraft’s mythology might be synonymous with Behemoth, another creature mentioned in the same context. Behemoth is often depicted as a colossal, monstrous creature associated with chaos and destruction. It is possible that Leviathan, if indeed synonymous with Behemoth, shares similar characteristics and is also a colossal and destructive entity.

However, it is important to note that Lovecraft’s mythos is intentionally vague and open to interpretation. The author often described his cosmic entities as beyond human comprehension, with their true nature and form being ineffable and indescribable. This ambiguity allows readers and scholars to speculate and form their own interpretations about the connections between different entities in Lovecraft’s universe.

Therefore, while there are hints and references that suggest a connection between Cthulhu and Leviathan in Lovecraft’s mythos, it remains a topic of discussion and interpretation among fans and scholars. The true nature and relationship between these entities are ultimately left up to individual imagination and personal interpretation.

In my personal experience as a fan of Lovecraft’s works, I find the ambiguity and open-ended nature of his mythos fascinating. It allows for endless possibilities and encourages active engagement and interpretation from readers. Each person can have their own unique understanding and perspective on the connections between Cthulhu and Leviathan, contributing to the richness and depth of Lovecraft’s cosmic horror.