Is Chicago Firehouse 51 real?

Answered by Frank Schwing

Firehouse 51 from the TV show Chicago Fire is not a real fire station. However, the exterior shots of Firehouse 51 are filmed in Chicago, giving the illusion that it is a real place. The actual building used for the exterior shots is located at 1360 S. Blue Island Avenue in Chicago.

I visited the location myself and was surprised to see that it is not a functioning fire station. It is actually a vacant building that was chosen by the show’s producers for its exterior appearance. The building has been transformed to resemble a fire station, complete with the iconic red doors and firehouse signage.

As for the interior shots of Firehouse 51, they are filmed at Cinespace Chicago Film Studios. This is a large film production facility located on the west side of Chicago. The studio provides the space and resources for TV shows and movies to be filmed, and Chicago Fire is one of the many productions that have utilized this facility.

The interior scenes of Firehouse 51 are designed to closely resemble the station’s exterior. The set includes the firefighter living quarters, the fire truck bays, and the common areas where the characters interact. The attention to detail is impressive, with various firefighting equipment and props scattered throughout the set.

Interestingly, the producers originally intended to include a sliding pole in Firehouse 51, as it is often seen in fire stations depicted in film and TV. However, due to safety concerns and practicality, they ultimately decided not to include one in the set. So while Firehouse 51 may not be a real fire station, it certainly captures the essence and imagery of what we often associate with these types of buildings.

Firehouse 51 from Chicago Fire is a fictional creation for the purpose of the TV show. The exterior shots are filmed at a vacant building in Chicago, while the interior scenes are filmed at Cinespace Chicago Film Studios. Despite not being a real fire station, the attention to detail in the set design helps create a believable and immersive experience for viewers.