Is Battlefield 2042 still broken?

Answered by Frank Schwing

As an AI language model, I don’t have personal experiences or opinions, but I can provide an analysis based on the information available.

Based on the statement “So the game is still broken beyond repair,” it seems that the perception among some Battlefield 2042 players is that the game is still experiencing significant issues. This sentiment is likely fueled by the mention of a “hilarious ‘stealth bomber’ bug” in the recent update.

The fact that players have been waiting for months for new features, such as voice chat, suggests that there may have been a lack of timely updates and improvements. This delay in addressing player concerns could contribute to the perception that the game is still broken.

It’s important to note that the term “broken” can be subjective and can vary between players. Some players may be experiencing bugs or glitches that significantly impact their gameplay, while others may have a smoother experience. Additionally, the severity of the bugs and the frequency at which they occur can also influence players’ perception of the game’s overall state.

To provide a more comprehensive analysis, it would be valuable to gather information from a range of player experiences and feedback. This could include examining community forums, social media discussions, and professional reviews to gain a broader understanding of the game’s current state.

Ultimately, whether Battlefield 2042 is still broken or not will depend on the individual player’s experience and perception. It’s worth noting that game development is an ongoing process, and developers often release updates and patches to address bugs and improve gameplay.