How do I turn off Safari Keychain?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

To turn off Safari Keychain, follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Open the Settings app on your device. This app is represented by a gray icon with gears.

2. Scroll down the list of options and tap on “Passwords.” This option is usually located in the fifth or sixth group of settings, right above “Safari.”

3. In the “Passwords” menu, you will find an option called “AutoFill Passwords.” Tap on it to proceed.

4. You will see a toggle switch next to “iCloud Keychain.” By default, this option is turned on, allowing Safari to save and fill in your information. To disable Safari Keychain, simply tap on the toggle switch to turn it off.

5. After disabling iCloud Keychain, Safari will no longer offer to save and fill your information. You will need to manually enter your passwords and other details when prompted.

It’s worth noting that turning off Safari Keychain will only affect Safari’s autofill feature. Your saved passwords and other data will still be available in the iCloud Keychain app, should you choose to re-enable it later on.

Personal Experience:
I recently had to turn off Safari Keychain on my iPhone because I found it to be too intrusive. Every time I visited a website that required a login, Safari would automatically offer to save my username and password. While this feature can be convenient, I prefer to have more control over my personal information.

By following the steps mentioned above, I was able to disable Safari Keychain easily. Now, whenever I visit a website, I have to manually enter my login details. Although it takes a bit more time, I feel more secure knowing that my passwords are not automatically saved and filled by Safari.

If you want to turn off Safari Keychain, simply go to the Settings app, navigate to “Passwords” and disable iCloud Keychain in the “AutoFill Passwords” menu. This will prevent Safari from offering to save and fill your information automatically.