Is Africa family Friendly?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

Africa is indeed a family-friendly destination, with a wide range of accommodation options and activities suitable for all ages. Whether you are travelling with young children, teenagers, or even grandparents, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun and adventure.

One of the great things about Africa is its diverse landscapes, which provide a variety of experiences for families. From safaris in game reserves to beach holidays on the stunning coastlines, there is something for everyone. Many lodges and resorts in Africa cater specifically to families, offering spacious rooms or cottages that can accommodate larger groups.

In terms of activities, there are plenty of options to keep the whole family entertained. Going on a safari is often a highlight for families, as it allows children to see incredible wildlife up close. Many game reserves have family-friendly game drives, where knowledgeable guides tailor the experience to suit children’s interests and attention spans.

For older children and teenagers, there are opportunities for more adventurous activities, such as hiking, kayaking, or even learning to surf. Some lodges and resorts also offer educational programs, where children can learn about the local wildlife and culture through interactive experiences.

In addition to outdoor activities, there are also cultural and historical sites to explore. Visiting local villages or markets gives families the chance to learn about different cultures and traditions. There are also museums and historical sites that provide insight into Africa’s rich history.

When it comes to accommodation, there is a wide range of family-friendly options. Many lodges and resorts offer family suites or interconnected rooms, providing enough space for everyone to relax and unwind. Some properties even have dedicated kids’ clubs or play areas, where children can make new friends and enjoy age-appropriate activities.

Safety is often a concern for families travelling to Africa, but it is important to note that many popular tourist destinations in Africa have well-established tourism industries and take the safety of visitors seriously. It is always advisable to research and choose reputable accommodation and tour operators, and to follow any safety guidelines or advice provided.

Personal experience: I have travelled to Africa with my family, including my young children, and we had a fantastic time. We stayed in a family-friendly lodge in a game reserve and went on game drives every day. The guides were knowledgeable and made the experience fun and educational for the children. We also spent time at the lodge’s pool and enjoyed meals together as a family. it was a memorable experience for all of us.

Africa is a family-friendly destination with a wide range of accommodation options and activities suitable for all ages. From safaris to beach holidays, there is something for everyone to enjoy. With careful planning and research, families can have a safe and memorable trip to Africa.