How strong is Champa?

Answered by Jason Smith

Champa, the God of Destruction of Universe 6 in Dragon Ball Super, is known for his immense power and is considered one of the strongest beings in his universe. In terms of power, Champa is ranked as a nine out of twelve on the Dragon Ball Super rival danger scale, indicating his formidable strength.

Champa’s power is said to be comparable to that of his twin brother, Beerus, who is the God of Destruction of Universe 7. This implies that Champa possesses a level of power similar to Beerus, making him an incredibly formidable opponent. Both Champa and Beerus are considered to be among the most powerful beings in their respective universes.

It is important to note that Champa’s power is further augmented by his angel/attendant, Vados. As an angel, Vados is incredibly powerful and serves as a mentor to Champa. While the exact extent of Vados’ power is not fully revealed, it is implied that she surpasses Champa in terms of raw strength and abilities. This makes Champa even more formidable when fighting alongside Vados.

Champa’s power is showcased throughout the Dragon Ball Super series. In the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 tournament, Champa displays his strength by selecting a team of fighters to compete against Universe 7. He confidently believes that his team will emerge victorious, showcasing his confidence in his own power and the strength of his Universe 6 fighters.

During the tournament, Champa engages in battles with various opponents, demonstrating his combat skills and the destructive force he can unleash. Although he ultimately loses the tournament to Universe 7, Champa’s power and abilities are clearly shown in his battles.

In addition to his raw power, Champa possesses the ability to destroy entire planets, a characteristic shared by all Gods of Destruction. This destructive capability is a testament to Champa’s immense strength, allowing him to obliterate worlds with ease.

Champa is an extremely powerful character in the Dragon Ball Super series. His ranking on the rival danger scale, his comparable strength to Beerus, and his ability to destroy planets all highlight his formidable power. While he may not be the absolute strongest character in the series, Champa’s strength is undeniable and places him among the top-tier fighters in the Dragon Ball universe.