How often should I mist my crested gecko?

Answered by Willie Powers

Crested geckos, also known as Cresties, are arboreal reptiles native to New Caledonia. These adorable creatures require a specific level of humidity in their enclosure to thrive. One important aspect of maintaining the proper humidity is misting the enclosure regularly. So, how often should you mist your crested gecko? Let’s dive into the details.

First and foremost, it’s essential to understand that crested geckos are primarily nocturnal animals. They are most active during the night and tend to hide and sleep during the day. This nocturnal behavior plays a significant role in determining the misting frequency.

In general, it is recommended to mist your crested gecko’s enclosure twice a day. Misting should be done in the morning and evening, ensuring that there is enough time for the enclosure to dry out before the next misting. Each misting session should last for at least 30 seconds to ensure adequate moisture.

During the misting process, it is crucial to use Reverse Osmosis (RO) water. Tap water often contains harmful chemicals and minerals that can be detrimental to your gecko’s health. Using RO water helps eliminate these potential hazards and provides a safe environment for your pet.

Now, let’s discuss why misting is essential for crested geckos. These geckos do not typically drink from standing water sources like bowls or dishes. Instead, they prefer to drink water droplets from leaves and other surfaces when the enclosure is misted. Misting provides them with an opportunity to hydrate themselves and also simulates their natural habitat in the wild.

In addition to drinking, misting also helps maintain the overall humidity level in the enclosure. Crested geckos require a humidity level of at least 50% to 70% for proper shedding and overall health. Regular misting helps create a humid environment, ensuring your gecko’s well-being.

While misting twice a day is a good guideline, it’s important to monitor the humidity levels in your crested gecko’s enclosure regularly. Investing in a hygrometer is highly recommended as it allows you to keep track of the humidity levels accurately. If the humidity drops below the desired range, you may need to increase the frequency or duration of misting.

It’s worth mentioning that every crested gecko and its enclosure may have unique requirements. Factors such as the size of the enclosure, ventilation, and ambient temperature can influence the misting frequency. Therefore, it’s crucial to observe your gecko’s behavior and closely monitor the humidity levels to determine the ideal misting schedule for your specific setup.

Misting your crested gecko’s enclosure twice a day is generally recommended to provide them with hydration and maintain the required humidity levels. However, it’s important to consider individual factors and adjust the frequency if necessary. Regular monitoring and proper care will ensure your crested gecko remains healthy and happy in its habitat.