What happens if Moon presence kills you?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

If the Moon Presence kills you in Bloodborne, you will respawn in the Hunter’s Dream. The Hunter’s Dream is a safe haven where you can rest, level up your character, purchase items, and repair your weapons. It is a place of respite and reflection before venturing back into the dangerous world of Yharnam.

Respawning in the Hunter’s Dream allows you to regroup and strategize before attempting to face the boss again. It gives you a chance to analyze your previous attempts, learn from your mistakes, and come up with a new plan of attack. This is crucial in Bloodborne, as the game is known for its challenging and punishing difficulty.

In the Hunter’s Dream, you can spend Blood Echoes, the game’s currency, to level up your character and improve your stats. This is important for increasing your chances of survival in future battles. You can also repair your weapons and purchase items such as blood vials and bullets, which are essential for replenishing your health and ammunition.

Upon defeating the Moon Presence, a cutscene will initiate, marking the end of the game. This cutscene, known as “Childhood’s Beginning,” is a significant moment in the game’s narrative and signifies the completion of your journey as a hunter. After the cutscene, you will obtain the “Childhood’s Beginning” trophy, a satisfying reward for your perseverance and skill.

It is worth mentioning that while respawning in the Hunter’s Dream after being killed by the boss may feel frustrating at times, it is also an integral part of the game’s design. Bloodborne is meant to be challenging, and overcoming these challenges is what makes the game so rewarding. Each defeat serves as a learning experience, pushing you to improve your skills and adapt your strategies.

If you are killed by the Moon Presence in Bloodborne, you will respawn in the Hunter’s Dream. This allows you to regroup, level up your character, repair your weapons, and prepare for another attempt at defeating the boss. Upon its defeat, a cutscene will initiate, marking the end of the game and granting you the “Childhood’s Beginning” trophy. Remember, every death is an opportunity to learn and grow as a hunter.