How much HP does Skeletron Prime have?

Answered by Robert Flynn

Skeletron Prime, the formidable Hard Mode boss in Terraria, possesses a total of 59,000 health points (HP). This powerful foe is an upgraded version of the original Skeletron boss encountered in the pre-Hard Mode phase of the game.

Unlike the regular Skeletron, Skeletron Prime is composed of not only a head but also four separate arms. Each arm has its own set of HP, power, defense, and attack patterns, making the battle even more challenging. The distribution of HP among the different parts of Skeletron Prime is as follows:

1. Prime Cannon: This arm has 9,000 HP and is known for its ranged attacks. It fires cannonballs and lasers at the player, making it crucial to have a good strategy for dodging these projectiles.

2. Prime Laser: With a total of 8,000 HP, the Prime Laser arm specializes in firing deadly laser beams. These beams can deal significant damage if not avoided, so it’s important to keep moving and utilize evasive maneuvers during the fight.

3. Prime Vice: This arm has 10,000 HP and is equipped with a large claw-like mechanism capable of dealing substantial melee damage. The Prime Vice arm primarily uses close-range attacks, making it crucial to maintain a safe distance and avoid being struck by its powerful blows.

4. Prime Saw: The Prime Saw arm possesses 12,000 HP and is characterized by its spinning saw blades. It can launch these blades at the player, causing both contact and projectile damage. Staying agile and avoiding the trajectory of the saw blades is essential to surviving this part of the battle.

5. Skeletron Prime’s Head: The head of Skeletron Prime is the main focal point and has a massive pool of 20,000 HP. It is equipped with a variety of attacks, including a spinning head attack, a skull projectile barrage, and a charging dash. The head also has a defense mechanism that activates when any of the arms are destroyed, making it even more challenging to defeat.

To defeat Skeletron Prime, it is advisable to focus on disabling the arms first before targeting the head. By eliminating each arm one by one, the overall difficulty of the battle can be significantly reduced. Additionally, having a well-prepared arena, equipped with proper weapons, armor, and accessories, can greatly increase your chances of emerging victorious in this epic encounter.

Personal experiences may vary when facing Skeletron Prime, as different strategies and playstyles can influence the outcome of the battle. However, with determination, practice, and a well-planned approach, players can overcome this formidable foe and reap the rewards that await them in the world of Terraria.