How do you live a Montessori life?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

Living a Montessori life is not just about following a particular set of rules or guidelines. It is a way of approaching life that values self-discovery, independence, and respect for oneself and others. Here are five ways to embrace a Montessori lifestyle:

1. Prepare Yourself: The foundation of living a Montessori life starts with self-awareness and personal growth. Take the time to reflect on your own strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Understand your own learning style and how you can best support your own growth and development. This self-preparation will allow you to better guide and support others, whether it be your own children or students.

2. Prepare the Environment: The Montessori philosophy places a strong emphasis on creating an environment that fosters independence and exploration. Take the time to carefully set up your physical surroundings in a way that promotes independence and allows for freedom of movement. Provide age-appropriate materials and tools that encourage exploration and learning. Keep the environment organized and aesthetically pleasing to create a calm and inviting space.

3. Understand Human Development: Montessori education is rooted in a deep understanding of human development. Educate yourself on the different stages of child development and the corresponding needs and abilities of each stage. This knowledge will allow you to provide appropriate activities and experiences that are aligned with the child’s developmental level. It will also help you to set realistic expectations and provide the necessary support for growth and learning.

4. Consider a Global Perspective: Montessori education encourages a global perspective and a sense of interconnectedness. Embrace this mindset in your own life by exposing yourself and your children to diverse cultures, languages, and experiences. Encourage curiosity about the world and foster a sense of empathy and respect for different perspectives. Engage in activities that promote environmental awareness and social responsibility, instilling a sense of global citizenship.

5. Truly Embrace Individuality: Montessori education recognizes and celebrates the uniqueness of each individual. In your own life, honor and respect the individuality of yourself and others. Encourage independence and self-expression, allowing individuals to follow their own interests and passions. Provide opportunities for choice and self-directed learning. Foster an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding, where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities and differences are celebrated.

Living a Montessori life is a continuous journey of self-discovery and growth. By preparing yourself, creating an environment that supports independence, understanding human development, embracing a global perspective, and truly valuing individuality, you can live a Montessori life that nurtures the potential of yourself and those around you.