How much can you withdraw from a Netspend card?

Answered by Willian Lymon

The maximum amount you can withdraw from a Netspend card in a single transaction is $940. This limit applies to all accounts and account balances, so whether you have a high balance or a low balance, you can only withdraw up to $940 at a time. It’s important to note that this limit is for ATM withdrawals specifically, and does not include other types of transactions such as purchases or transfers.

In addition to the per-transaction limit, there is also a daily limit for ATM withdrawals on Netspend cards. You can only withdraw from an ATM a maximum of six times within a 24-hour period. This means that even if you haven’t reached the $940 limit per transaction, once you have made six withdrawals in a day, you will not be able to make any more ATM withdrawals until the next day.

The overall withdrawal limit for Netspend cards is $4,999.99. This limit includes all types of withdrawals, whether from an ATM, over-the-counter at a bank, or through other means. Once you have reached this overall limit, you will not be able to withdraw any more funds until the limit resets.

It’s important to keep these withdrawal limits in mind when using your Netspend card. If you frequently need to withdraw large amounts of cash, you may need to plan accordingly and spread out your withdrawals over multiple days. Similarly, if you have a high account balance, you may need to make multiple transactions to fully access your funds.

Having experienced using a Netspend card myself, I have found these withdrawal limits to be generally practical for everyday use. While the per-transaction limit of $940 may seem low compared to some other cards, it is still sufficient for most day-to-day needs. However, it’s worth noting that these limits can be restrictive in certain situations, such as when traveling or in emergency situations where larger sums of cash may be needed.

The maximum amount you can withdraw from a Netspend card in a single ATM transaction is $940. You can make up to six ATM withdrawals within a 24-hour period, and the overall withdrawal limit for Netspend cards is $4,999.99. These limits are practical for most everyday needs, but may require planning and consideration in certain situations.