How many trials did Geralt have?

Answered by Frank Schwing

Geralt of Rivia, the protagonist of the Witcher series, undergoes a rigorous training process known as the Witcher trials. These trials are an integral part of becoming a fully-fledged witcher, a professional monster hunter with enhanced physical and mental abilities. The trials are designed to test and enhance a witcher’s skills, endurance, and adaptability. There are primarily three grueling stages in the Witcher trials.

1. The Trial of the Grasses:
The first trial, known as the Trial of the Grasses, is widely considered the most dangerous and challenging. It involves the ingestion of a series of mutagenic potions made from rare herbs and alchemical ingredients. These potions are intended to enhance a witcher’s physical abilities, such as strength, speed, and reflexes, but the process is incredibly taxing on the body.

I remember reading about Geralt’s experience with the Trial of the Grasses in the books. It was described as an excruciating ordeal, causing him immense pain and suffering. The potions caused mutations in his body, resulting in his white hair, yellow cat-like eyes, and increased resistance to toxins. Many candidates do not survive this trial, as their bodies cannot handle the intense transformation. Only the strongest and most resilient individuals can endure the Trial of the Grasses and emerge as witchers.

2. The Trial of the Medallion:
The second trial, known as the Trial of the Medallion, focuses on a witcher’s mental and sensory abilities. During this trial, witchers are trained to develop a heightened sense of perception, particularly in detecting and identifying monsters. They learn to interpret the subtle signs and clues in their surroundings, allowing them to track and hunt down dangerous creatures effectively.

This trial involves extensive training in monster lore, studying their behaviors, weaknesses, and habitats. Witchers also learn to use their medallions, which are amulets imbued with powerful magic, to sense the presence of magic and monsters nearby. Through rigorous practice and honing of their senses, witchers become highly skilled monster hunters, capable of discerning even the slightest disturbances in their environment.

3. The Trial of the Sword:
The third trial, known as the Trial of the Sword, focuses on combat and swordsmanship. Witchers are trained in various martial techniques, specializing in the use of their signature weapon, the silver sword. They learn different fighting styles, defensive maneuvers, and how to exploit a monster’s weaknesses effectively.

During this trial, witchers undergo intense physical training, sparring with experienced warriors and practicing their swordplay. They learn to anticipate and react quickly to their opponents’ movements, making them formidable adversaries in combat. Additionally, witchers are taught to use alchemical potions and signs, which are magical spells, to further enhance their combat abilities and give them an edge in battle.

The witcher trials are a grueling and demanding process that requires immense physical and mental strength. It is a path filled with danger, sacrifices, and a constant struggle for survival. Only those who successfully complete all three trials can truly call themselves witchers and embark on the perilous journey of monster hunting.

Geralt of Rivia, the legendary witcher, has undergone these three trials, proving his mettle and earning his place among the few who bear the title of a witcher.