How many new Augments are in Fortnite?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

In Fortnite, there are currently 44 Reality Augments that you can be offered during each match. These augments are power-ups that can greatly enhance your gameplay and give you an edge over your opponents. It’s important to understand what each augment does so that you can make informed decisions when choosing which ones to activate.

Here is a breakdown of the different Reality Augments available in Fortnite:

1. Adrenaline Surge: This augment increases your movement speed and allows you to sprint for longer durations, giving you increased mobility on the battlefield.

2. Ammo Resupply: With this augment, you will find additional ammunition for your weapons, ensuring that you never run out of bullets during intense firefights.

3. Armor Pack: This augment provides you with extra armor, increasing your overall health and making you more resistant to enemy attacks.

4. Baller: The Baller augment grants you a deployable ball that you can use to roll around the map quickly and smoothly, while also providing you with some protection.

5. Bounce Pad: This augment allows you to deploy bounce pads, which launch you into the air and provide a means of traversing the map with ease.

6. Cloak: With this augment, you become partially invisible, making it harder for enemies to spot and target you.

7. Combat Slide: This augment allows you to slide across the ground while shooting, making you a harder target to hit and giving you increased mobility during combat.

8. Damage Boost: The Damage Boost augment increases the damage output of your weapons, allowing you to eliminate enemies more quickly.

9. Double Jump: This augment grants you the ability to perform a second mid-air jump, providing you with increased vertical mobility and the ability to reach higher platforms.

10. Energy Shield: With the Energy Shield augment, you gain an additional shield layer that absorbs incoming damage, providing you with extra protection.

11. Glider Redeploy: This augment enables you to deploy your glider mid-air, allowing you to safely traverse long distances and escape dangerous situations.

12. Gravity Glove: The Gravity Glove augment allows you to manipulate gravity, giving you the ability to throw objects and players around.

13. Health Pack: This augment provides you with a health pack that you can use to instantly restore a portion of your health, keeping you in the fight for longer.

14. Impulse Grenade: With the Impulse Grenade augment, you gain access to throwable grenades that propel both you and your enemies away upon explosion.

15. Invisibility Potion: This augment grants you temporary invisibility, making you completely invisible to enemies for a short period of time.

16. Jetpack: The Jetpack augment equips you with a jetpack that allows you to fly and maneuver through the air, providing you with increased mobility and the ability to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

17. Launch Pad: This augment allows you to deploy launch pads, which catapult you into the air and provide a means of quickly escaping dangerous situations.

18. Lifesteal: With the Lifesteal augment, a portion of the damage you deal to enemies is returned to you as health, allowing you to sustain yourself during battles.

19. Mini Gun: This augment grants you a powerful mini gun that can rapidly shred through structures and enemies, giving you a significant advantage in combat.

20. Night Vision: The Night Vision augment enhances your vision in low-light situations, allowing you to see enemies more clearly and giving you an advantage in dark areas of the map.

21. Phase Shift: With the Phase Shift augment, you can temporarily phase through structures and obstacles, allowing you to quickly reposition yourself and surprise your enemies.

22. Power Shot: This augment increases the damage and range of your next shot, allowing you to deal massive damage to enemies from a distance.

23. Quick Heal: With the Quick Heal augment, you can rapidly heal yourself, giving you the ability to recover health quickly during intense firefights.

24. Rapid Fire: This augment increases the fire rate of your weapons, allowing you to unleash a hail of bullets on your enemies and quickly eliminate them.

25. Shield Regeneration: The Shield Regeneration augment slowly regenerates your shield over time, ensuring that you always have an extra layer of protection.

26. Shockwave Grenade: With the Shockwave Grenade augment, you gain access to throwable grenades that create a powerful shockwave upon explosion, knocking enemies away.

27. Slow Field: This augment creates a field that slows down all nearby enemies, making it harder for them to move and allowing you to gain the upper hand in combat.

28. Sneaky Mist: The Sneaky Mist augment turns you into an ethereal mist, making you almost invisible to enemies and allowing you to move silently.

29. Speed Boost: With the Speed Boost augment, your movement speed is significantly increased, allowing you to quickly navigate the map and outrun enemies.

30. Stink Bomb: This augment provides you with throwable stink bombs that create a lingering toxic cloud, damaging enemies over time and forcing them out of cover.

31. Teleportation: The Teleportation augment allows you to instantly teleport a short distance, giving you the element of surprise and allowing for quick escapes.

32. Thermal Vision: With the Thermal Vision augment, you can see heat signatures of nearby enemies, making it easier to track and eliminate them.

33. Trap Detector: This augment allows you to detect nearby traps, helping you to avoid them and ensuring your safety as you explore the map.

34. Turret: The Turret augment provides you with a deployable turret that can be placed on the ground, allowing for sustained firepower and providing cover.

35. Wallhack: With the Wallhack augment, you can see through walls and other structures, giving you a tactical advantage by allowing you to spot enemies before they see you.

36. Weapon Swap: This augment allows you to instantly swap your current weapon with a random weapon from your inventory, giving you access to different loadouts on the fly.

37. Zero Gravity: The Zero Gravity augment creates a localized area of zero gravity, allowing you to float and maneuver through the air with ease.

38. Boogie Bomb: This augment provides you with throwable boogie bombs that force enemies to dance, rendering them unable to shoot or build for a short period of time.

39. Bush: The Bush augment camouflages you as a bush, making it harder for enemies to spot and track you.

40. Chug Jug: With the Chug Jug augment, you gain access to a powerful healing item that restores both health and shield over time, allowing you to quickly recover during battles.

41. Rift-to-Go: This augment allows you to instantly create a rift that teleports you to a different location on the map, giving you a quick escape or a strategic repositioning option.

42. Shadow Bomb: The Shadow Bomb augment turns you into a shadowy figure, granting you increased movement speed, the ability to phase through walls, and making you more difficult to spot.

43. Shield Bubble: This augment creates a protective bubble that blocks incoming damage, providing you and your teammates with temporary cover and increased survivability.

44. Slurp Juice: With the Slurp Juice augment, you gain access to a consumable item that slowly restores both health and shield over time, allowing for sustained healing during battles.

These are the 44 Reality Augments currently available in Fortnite. Each one offers a unique advantage and can greatly impact your gameplay strategy. It’s important to consider your playstyle and the situation you find yourself in when choosing which augments to activate. Experiment with different combinations and find the ones that work best for you.